Good Cooking…

Aged 16 I worked in the kitchen of The George Hotel, Battle, Sussex, England as aholiday job.

Head chef was Jerry and his deputy was Spencer. I learned a lot from both of them….

One lesson came when we had a spare minute or two before service one day:

I looked at Jerry and asked a simple question. You know the sort? One of those that can stump a lesser mortal.

“Jerry,” I asked, ” What’s the difference between cooking and Good Cooking?”

Jerry looked up from his cup of coffee, thought for a while, looked across at Spencer, smiled and uttered the never to be forgotten wisdom,

“Put it like this,” he said,” any bugger can boil an egg but only a Good Cook can boil an egg with a piece of parsley sticking out of the top!”

“That’s right,” muttered Spencer, ” only a Good Cook.”


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