I have unlocke things just to say:

How interesting it is that so many of those who protest (undying?) friendship do not maintian contact once one withdraws from this means of communication.


7 Responses to “Observation”

  1. Ursula Says:

    Dear David, I know how you feel – but do not let this get you down.

    What I have learned, the hard way, and it is hard, that you may put your all into friendship as you perceive it, and then find that the internet is ephemeral; that you are expendable. Which does not reflect on you, the person. It just reflects on the fleeting sound bite society we have become.

    With affection, and Buddleia greetings,

    • magpie11 Says:

      I still have to get round to selecting what I wish to keep from amongst this lot! The words I mean!
      Another thing that I find intriguing is the way that leopards can apparently change their spots…… It makes me wonder just how honest people are…….
      Thanks for your comment…..
      Buddleia? davidii? Butterfly bush…… interesting …… I have a deeeeeep purple one in the garden…. a seedling from somewhere.. i call it B. davidii “David’s Pride”!

      Have just noticed that Wpress has filled in my details below as I do when I reply on your blog!

      • Ursula Says:

        Yes, that Buddleia. A most prolific plant. Attracting butterflies. So very pretty. Naturally, there will (or at least was) a cat in the garden taking an interest in the butterflies too. A delight to watch how they’d jump in their pursuit. Often his/her ‘attentions’ being frustrated.

        How “honest people are”? Who knows, David. All I know is that one must never give up on anyone. Can a leopard change its spots? Unlikely. But humans are not leopards. Few of us carry their heart on their sleeves (like I do – and what a fine mess that lands me in every so often) but we can modify our behaviour. We can even scale down our expectation of others (that’s a difficult one; a very very very difficult one – for me). I have lost track what I said where and to whom today so please forgive me should I be repeating myself: Conrad and I have made our peace. Isn’t that good, considering the odds? Even Grannymar succumbed to my “charms” after three years of my giving not up when I could so easily have “moved on”. Maybe of scant comfort: You and I made friends. Natural friends. Affinity. Most importantly we allow each other to not always see eye to eye. Friendship is not about seeing eye to eye. Friendship is about loyalty, caring for someone, no matter what.

        Friendship. a subject dear to my heart. Delirious, in her response, does touch on the “online” aspect of it. One of the worst questions I was ever asked was: “Why can’t we just have a normal internet relationship?” I laugh as I cry at the memory of it. What is a ‘normal’ internet relationship? I have no idea. Not one. To this day. You either connect with people or you don’t. By whichever medium.

        One thing, David, the most important in a long reply: I am so very glad that you are still out here. Remember that cartoon of the frog half way down the heron’s beak? Never ever give up – the caption read.

        Greeting from your friend – no spots, stars or stripes camouflaged in the making of this reply,


  2. Delirious Says:

    I think that is the way it is with “online” friendships. If you are not online, you can’t keep up the friendship. I have had many online friends throughout the years that have withdrawn from the internet, and thus I have lost contact with them. I even have made friends with them on facebook, but they don’t even participate in that, so we really don’t keep contact. But actually, this happens in “real life” too. I just can’t keep up with all my old friends who have moved away. It doesn’t mean their friendship isn’t valuable to me, it just means that life gets in the way when it isn’t convenient to keep in contact.

    • magpie11 Says:

      That is one of the reasons I don’t like the word friend being used on facebook…. I’m sure that elsewhere I have quoted my Grannie (who was quoting someone like Gladstone)” I have many acquaintances but my true friends I can count on the fingers of one hand. ”
      On Fb many of my “friends” are actually ex pupils which is interesting….. most of the rest are people I have actually met or do know quite well.

  3. grannymar Says:

    I thought you needed space and time, so that I gave you, with the odd email interruption. As the person who enticed, cajolled or even pushed you into the blogging lark, I felt it important to step back and let you find your way.

    I am with Delirious, I find that the new norm seems to be that people slip onto or off the radar for short or long spells of time, both online and in the real world. At the beginning of this week I phoned two different people that I had not heard of for some time, both were busy and promised to call back….. I wonder how long I should sit by the phone???

    I hope all is well in your corner and that the allotment is flourishing with an abundance of produce.

    • magpie11 Says:

      We all need S&T from time to time…I just popped back here before the final deletion just to mak the observation…you, GM, being one of the few to have maintained contact>

      Ido have a suspicion that I may have rattled a few cages….but then….mine has been rattled quite often.

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