Decision time…….

For some time  now I have been disatisfied with the “Blogo-Sphere”. Like the majority of users, I was seduced into it by my own vanity. That vanity having been massaged by some people.

I was happily oblivious of the existence of this sphere that seems to have been added to the already existing, bio, tropo, strato and other sphere’s surrounding our planet until I decided to search for the origins of a phrase my late granmother used: ‘Three jumps at the cupboard door’ was often her answer to the question, “What’s for dinner Grannie?”

The only reference I could find was by someone called Grannymar. I took to looking at her blog on  and off and even to commenting.

I found myself being asked why I didn’t blog? Something I would never have thought of before. I wrote peotry of dire quality in the past…in fact that has stopped since this Blogosphere adventure,,, but never anything to publish. I admit that at one time a young, happy clappy christian musician expressed a desire to put my words to music. I ran a mile.

In short. Like so many, my vanity got the better of me and I began to believe that I truly had things of import to say to people, to share. What nonsense.

I explored this sphere more and more and, as I became more familiar with itI found good people. I found truly clever people. I found nasty and vindictive people. I found that there were important people out there saying important things. I found hypocrites, racists and every type of personality you could think of, even would be terrorists.

I am reminded of something a Police Officer, whose sons I taught, said to me. This was back in the late 1970s and we were discussing police corruption (much in the news at the time), ” You must remember that a police force or any other group of public servants will reflect the society from which it is drawn.”

Well, I guess that is true of any group of people, including Bloggers.

Incidentally I liked and respected that police officer and his wife. They had been missionaries in Nepal and were very down to Earth. We became close acquaintances and our paths crossed several times in the course of my career and in the course of crime investigations down our road. The last I heard of this particular policeman was a press report that he had been found with  pictures of young boys on his computer. All sorts.

I have decided to withdraw from this particualr sphere of life. It is not for me.

I will not be any more specific. It is after all MY Blog.

Now, there have been some honest compliments paid to me in my time here and some genuinely meant friendly criticisms. So this is what I propose:

Should you wish to keep any of my writings, stories perhaps, then please let me know in the next week. Obviously, copyright exists in my “work”.
Once I have acknowledged this wish you can then copy and paste to elsewhere. This does not apply to Pictures and photgraphs as some of these are not my copyright.

Equally, if you wish to save some of your comments then please copy and paste them because I am assured by WordPress that when I finally switch off they will be permanently deleted.

There may well be some of your comments that I wish to keep for a while and I promise that I f I do I will not use them with out permission and I will remain aware of any copy rights……. and believe me ther are some priceless comments out there. If of course you do not wish me to keep copies of your comments please let me know.

Any one who seriously wishes to remain in touch with me can do so by email, or even good old steam telephone landline and pen and paper.

Time frame? Today is Friday 9th March 2012 so , all other things being equal,…like mother in law’s health, a week should suffice.

Here is a double offering.

I just could not decide between the almost laconic Leon or the swinging Billie so I offer you both.
I once shared a versionof this with an ex girlfriend when we met after a couple of years….we laughed and parted friends.           

“Here’s a kiss! I hope that this brings lots of luck to you.

Makes no difference how I carry on,
Remember, please don’t talk about me when I’m gone.”

Yes, some quotations say things in a much better manner than we can ourselves.


6 Responses to “Decision time…….”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    Well, as the one who pushed you into starting this Blog, I have to say that I enjoyed your posts and always learned something from them. If you have made up your mind to move on, I cannot try to stop you, and I wish you well. Maybe Spring is a good time for exploration of new pathways. I know you do have other interests and calls on your time. May you stay healthy and find contentment.

    Lán grá


  2. Delirious Says:

    I totally understand where you are coming from. I started my blog for me. I have never been one to try to get followers. I don’t blog for the rest of the world, but for myself, my friends, and my family. But recently I have been a little disillusioned by some of the venom spewed forth by fellow bloggers, and I have considered also pulling out. I wouldn’t stop blogging, but I have considered removing myself from the caustic blogger relationships. But then as I thought about it logically, I realized that I can always pull out of an argument. I don’t have to prove myself right. I know if my position is right, I don’t need someone else to validate that for me. So too, I don’t need to prove myself right to those who attack and throw out insults or arguments. I can simply bow out of the conversation, and realize that they come from, as you said, a different culture or environment than me. They may also have experienced things in their life that have made them the way they are, and they can’t help that. So I will continue to blog, and I will continue to discuss, but I won’t stoop to mud slinging or hateful replies. I don’t need that in my life, but I do need to blog. I hope that you won’t look at this as a permanent decision. I hope that maybe you will just take a break instead. You have a very important voice in this world, and your point of view does help others. I hope you won’t permanently silence your blogging voice. 🙂

    • magpie11 Says:

      Some of what appears to be, to say the least, nasty is not always meant to be….. too often we do not read closely what has been written. We actually miss the nuances of the language.
      My first runin with this was a while back when people took umbrage at someone’s writing and I could not for the life of me see what was upsetting people…still can’t. In that case there was a lot said outwith the Blogging Arena (and it can be an arena and all the better for it) that should not have been said. Opinions and even amateur psychological diagnoses were advanced.

      life is too short to hold real or perceived grudges (he opined knowing ful well that he can be as guilty as the next person) . If one really knows the person “in real life” then that can be different.

      Interestingly my decision is not about followers or not…. I don’t feel right in this party. But I’m not a party person anyway….. My preferred style at others’ parties is to take up a position in the corner and watch …… and listen.

      Take care.

  3. Maria from Silver Fox Says:

    I want to shout “Don’t Go!” I have always enjoyed your posts and so very often agreed with your point of view. Selfishly, I want you to continue to blog at least once in awhile.

  4. Ursula Says:

    My dear Magpie, are rumours of your blog’s demise exaggerated? I fear the answer to my question is: No.

    Yes, the reluctant blogger. A species most fragile. I hope you will keep popping up in many a comment box. Nothing more valuable and refreshing than a questioning mind.

    Before I go into full obituary mode: It was a pleasure, Magpie.


  5. Rummuser Says:

    Farewell friend. I shall of course keep in touch through other web devices! I have enjoyed reading your posts.

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