I like badgers. They are strong, goodlooking, will eat almost anything you offer them, they wisely stay in during the day and ususally only come out at night and their hair makes wonderful brushes. In literature Brock has some wonderful roles.

Unfortunately Old Brock has come into conflict with Old Homo and his farming activities. He has become the object of blame in the saga of bovine Tuberculosis (TB). Dairy farmers in the UK blame the badger population for the presence of bovine TB in their herds. The badger being cited as carriers. I remember birds, particularly starlings , being blamed for the spread of TB from herd to herd.

When I was child my father worked as a cowman, milking herds of guernsey cows. Our milk was unpasteurised, and all the better for it, and when bottled on the farm for sale was labelled T T . A “soubriquet” that caused me some amusement as I could not see how milk could be “Tourist Trophy”.  T T stood for Tuberculin Tested. Our milk was regularly tested for the the Mycobacterium tuberculosis that causes T B.

In humans TB is passed from person to person by droplet infection. One assumes that this is so with Badgers and cows.  Apparently one needs to be in contact with another infected person for something like eighthours to become infected. I cannot imagine badgers spending that long in contact with a cow or cows and thus passing on the infection. However, cows do spend those sorts of amounts of time in contact with each other (and even more so with modern methods of intensive milk production)

Today I received the accompanying cartoon on Facebook  and repost it here with full acknowledgement to Andrew Birch ,the artist, and in the hope that he will appreciate my motives:

Of course we mayy have dominion over the cows and badgers but we also have a moral repsonsibility to them. Our ingenutiy has given rise to a problem, increased occurence of T B In our dairy herds, and it seems that our dominion over nature allows  us a scapegoat, however poor the evidence.


4 Responses to “Badgers….”

  1. padmum Says:

    All this is happening because animals are not allowed to eat what they are meant to eat–natural grazing and fresh grass. Artificial feeds contain all kinds of stuff…we are giving them fast/junk food just as we are doing irretrievable harm to our kids.

    I Tamizh we say “A king will administer his punishment/sentence immediately. The Divine waits and takes own time to bring extinction”…nature will have its final laugh.

    • magpie11 Says:

      Diet and conditions of living…… there is a part of me which has some admiration for the parasite….

      Oh yes, nature, whatever that is, will “have the last laugh” but in the meantime?

      Somewhere I recently read something about “the evolution of morality”. Would that we would evlove morality.

      Ho hum! On we go…

  2. Rummuser Says:

    To answer you question posed to Padmum, I believe that we would eventually evolve into total morality. I come to that conclusion from both natural selection and the theory of karma.

    • magpie11 Says:

      There must be something in the “zeitgeist” idea. Seeing a lot of “talk” about evolution of morality.

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