Oh dear Europe…look to your selves….

This(below) was written in reaction to the use of the Veto by David Cameron and the subsequent furor about it in continental Europe. I am, basically, in favour of close ties amongst the nations of Europe in terms of trade at the very least but to seek full political and subsequently cultural union amongst such a disparate group of nations is ultimately courting disaster for the majority.
I voted for my country to join the Common Market (my father would turn in his grave if he had one) but not for a Political Union in which Britain , France, Germany or any other country seeks to dominate.  The Euro is one such attempt.

“Seventeen of you set out on a venture that was a) barely likely to succeed and b) was devised to serve the purposes of two greedy nations. Now that it is in a bit of a mess you expect the rest to rescue you.

Germany and particularly France seem to think that it is absolutely alright for them to break the rules or put pressure on others to change the rules to suit them but when another nation wants their very economic existence  to be considered they whinge.  Not only do they whinge but the little nations who seem to live in fear of the power of Germany join in.

France seems to believe that they have some god given right to rule Europe, in spite of their several failed attempts to do so and also seemed to believe that they could control Germany when it was at its weakest by following Churchill’s idea for unifying trade. They never realized that Germany would pull itself up by its bootstraps and become once more a force to be feared by smaller nations, this time in financial terms rather than military as so often happened after Bismark.

The introduction of the Euro was a blatant attempt to create a “U.S.E”. How often have I heard the cry, “It works in America.” and replied that America has one official language not twenty-seven.

Now you all know one reason France and others worked so hard to keep Britain out side The Common Market. Do you remember de Gaulle’s “Non”?

Britain was always bound, ultimately,to challenge the other two.”


4 Responses to “Oh dear Europe…look to your selves….”

  1. Rummuser Says:

    Magpie, on the other hand, you have India which is actually a federation of disparate states, cohering quite successfully, though in the initial stages, there were attempts by some to secede and there continues to be such attempts. No one linguistic group has been able to dominate in the whole country!

    A little more thought about decentralised policies with local interventions like the Reserve Bank of India through its state branches undertakes, could have avoided what happened.

    In any case, we are always wiser by hindsight are we not?

  2. magpie11 Says:

    From what little I know India does have another language (however foreign) to help ;-)……

  3. Rummuser Says:

    That it does indeed, and thank God for that blessing.

  4. magpie11 Says:

    That’s a broad minded attitude; The French, however are unable to recognize a superior language to their own…certainly more adaptable. 😉

    Something else about India, well, the Indians I know personally, is that many people seem to be multilingual.

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