What to do?

I write this at the keyboard of a different computer upon which there is no record of LBC. In fact it is basically a new machine despite my having owned it since the Flood.
Said machine was supposed, upon my retirement, to be the basis of all my family research but it misbehaved itself. I used the Operaing System Facilities to repartition my disc drive and proceeded from there but it started to misbehave again. I returned it to the builders who informed me that I had destroyed the warranty by reconfiguring the disc drive so they would have nothing to do with it.
I told them that in that case I would let all my friends know how they had treated me and the devil take them.
Recently a neighbour, Chris, took it on and sorted out the damaged memory and something else for his “neighbours’ fee” of cost of parts and a bottle of Jack Daniels….
Several months later I plugged it in and here I am>
Meantime my external drive went haywire and my laptop  decided to play silly beggars and slow right down, refuse  to start up at times and generally become awkward. This included secretly wiping all files from said hard drive ( okay,I did catch it out and work out how to stop that by unplugging the drive).
So what did I do? I decided that I couldn’t really ask Chris for help unless he was willing to charge me a commercial rate so I went to the nice man up the road.
Now the Nice man up the road has a new assistant to whom I explained the symptoms and asked him to diagnose the problem and sort it all out.
“Please, make sure you back up all my files including those on the second HD which are my backups”
I was assured that all my documents and pictures would be safe.
I now have my laptop back and working but it is devoid of every folder that I created except for those that I created inside the standard Documents and Pictures folders.
He has only wiped the lot and reinstalled Windows.

I cannot afford the huge fees that it would take to restore every file and I have lost all my Bookmarks too.
Grannie and the rest of my ancestors have all disappeared (including pictures that I had sent to me by distant relations whom I only discovered a few years ago).

Not having a bookmark for the LBC subject list I cannot proceed…though I think there is something about Fishes of the sea for next week.

I am tempted to go down to the workshop, avail myself of a hand-axe and put paid to these damn Windows machines for good! The only thing that stops me is that it would be a waste of money and a bottle of Jack Daniels .

Someone should have taught Bill Gates about the Kiss principle.  Keep It Simple Stupid. And that goes for all the fools that fell for his sales pitch and forced this stuff upon the rest of us!
Come back Acorn and Risc Os all is forgiven>


2 Responses to “What to do?”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    What frustration for you, email on way with some info for you. hope it helps.

  2. padmum Says:

    You are telling me….I just went through a whole lot of angst with my year old Sony VAIO. Thank God I had an extended warranty. They have replaced the CD drive, keybora and Hard Disk for FREE. I am really chuffed up though I did lose a lot of my work in this Formatting business.

    Take care.

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