Themes …….

Elsewhere in the much vaunted blogosphere I was gently taken to task for the use of the particular(default) theme that presents my writings to you.
I must admit that the reference to “Just another blog.” had me stumped for some time. I searched through my previous posts convinced that I had never used the phrase. I was just about to make a call to the writer when I remembered seeing the phrase somewhere along with the word Theme.
The light dawned and I looked up to the top of the page and there I beheld the offending legend: ‘Just another blog’. I immediately thought  about the title of the theme: Widget, but I was wrong. At the foot of the page I discovered that it was not called Widget but Kubrick. I then had to dismiss from my mind the superman theme from the beginning  of Also Sprak Zarathustra (I love that deep organ note that underpins the music).

It  is interesting that I never actually chose the theme: It occurred the very first time I put finger to key board (nah, doesn’t have the ‘ring’ of ‘pen to paper’) and I had not even considered changing it apart from my rather self considered attempt at personalising the heading (Those are my eyeses by the way).
I admit to occasionally wondering how some people managed to put a picture of a pen or some such on their blogpage (spell-checker wants me to use blockage) but not wishing to be bothered with the technology I wondered no more and dismissed the thought.
I decided to investigate further: Here is what WordPress says of Kubrick:

Two-column theme with customizable header and widgets. Kubrick serves as the WordPress default theme emeritus.

Emeritus? Does not that sound important?  There must be some meaning of emeritus that I have never come across before…. my dictionaries all refer to retirement and the retaining of a title as an honour, as in Professor Emeritus. I have checked the dictionaries that I have to hand (including two different Webster’s dictionaries :neither, unfortunately, Morocco bound) and the Internet.

Well, I am retired but I genuinely do not consider myself worthy of much honour so it might be that the Theme suits me to a small extent but quite frankly I don’t give a tinker’s cuss about what sits at the top of my writings. If it were a picture of a cow-pat or tortoise droppings it wouldn’t matter, unlike the extras on the set of some film or other in the early days of cinema (this was somewhere in Northern Africa) who objected to being called (inadvertently) tortoise droppings and downed tools. It turned out that  Camel or better still Elephant droppings would have been more acceptable.

If you want to read that which I write then please do so. If not…. no skin off my little nose. After all, I only started this lark at the behest of someone else.

By the bye. In my researches into this fascinating subject of themes I seem to have a memory of seeing some sort of option that would allow me to delete the whole darn thing. Funnily enough I have been considering doing this for a while  now. Being  a curmudgeon I relish the idea that writing with a Fountain Pen has, after all, something to be said for it. I might even write that novel that I am supposedly harbouring within my cerebrum. I did say “might”.


3 Responses to “Themes …….”

  1. bitchontheblog Says:

    Magpie, I am incredulous. I thought you paid attention to detail. So, yes, there is that “just” which wordpress does as default all over the place. If wordpress were real people with a telephone number I might ‘gently’ point out to them that that phrase is no way to lead a novice blogger to its trough.

    I love my pen, nay, missile. Simple yet stylish. To the point.

    That you wouldn’t mind various droppings in your header is your prerogative. Just remember that first impressions count. What you choose up there will say something about you. It’s the way of the world. Turn up in rags you are a beggar, turn up in a top hat and you are going to a wedding, turn up with a fork and you are assumed to be the stable boy.

    As to taking the drastic step of taking your blog off completely: Don’t. There is a huge graveyard of dead/dormant blogs out there. As valuable as bones of a dinosaur to the archaeologist.

    Good luck with your novel. May you not be caught short by writer’s cramp.


    • magpie11 Says:

      Hello there…. detail where it is important, yes. I suppose that I don’t really consider my blog, or any blog perhaps, that important. I suspect that most people looking at the header up there would see the eyes and not much else….. I was rather pleased with them I remember. The whole point here is that I was blissfully unaware of the existence of the words.

      I would admit that the particular style of ballpoint pen used could be described as a design classic but it is essentially a “throwaway” item. (for other readers; this is a place that some people might use the infuriating LOL thingy.) I admit to wondering why you used that image…… On the surface I would associate you much more with a fountain pen or steel nibbed pen, perhaps even a well cut quill. Thinking beyond your missile I feel I should refrain from expressing other ideas that occur to me, probably because of too much listening to Woman’s Hour. (Girlfriend of youngest says she doesn’t like WH because it’s about aggressive women)

      It does not seem to me that one’s dress matters that much these days. I’m referring to the male gender here. Three piece suits without a tie…even a two piece suit without a tie is horrendous. Blazers and Denim jeans. Training shoes with evening dress. And women who tell me that “It doesn’t matter.You can’t tell a book by its cover” insist on doing themselves up (admittedly too often with no idea of style) to try to look gorgeous…..some succeed….. and are then content to be seen on the arm of a man who has not even bothered to think to try and look smart.
      As for the fork….. I want some of that horse manure for the allotment…… well, my father shovelled cow dung when I was kid. I helped him.

      Speaking of books and covers: perhaps you can tell a blog by its readers?

  2. Rummuser Says:

    Magpie, you are Blogger Emeritus.

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