On Widgets and Tortoise Droppings

Apparently I am using one widget whenever I address the world through the medium of WordPress.com Blogs. What is this widget? What does it do? Who decreed that I should or should not use it?
I can tell you that search as I may I cannot find out anything about it. There ought to be some record, somewhere, of  it but it remains ellusive: I seek it here. I seek it there. God damn it! I seek it every where, that damned ellusive widget. (after Baroness Emma Magdolna Rozália Mária Jozefa Borbála  Orczy de Orczi)

But let us consider tortoise droppings:
The story goes like this. During the filming of an early movie somewhere in North Africa it was needful for a large group of locals to be employed as extras. They had to perform the parts of enslaved people. The actor playing the overseer and cracking the whip, literally, was encouraged to shout at these gentlemen.

Said actor pointed out tat he could hardly shout in English and was told to make up  his words. Literally make up his words.
All was going well until he came out with a phrase that had a profound effect upon the mummers. They stopped and murmured and mumbled and finally sat down.

A translator was sent for and ascertained that they were upset because the overseer had uttered words which they translated as, “Tortoise shit!!!!”  This was seen as offensive and an apology (and, for all I know, extra pay) were demanded.

The apology was duly made and the utterance explained to the crowd. By way of explanation the translator explained that the men would not have objected if they had been called Camel or Elephant droppings but that they were called something so small as Tortoise droppings was deemed insulting. I cannot but think that it is  a good job that the overseer did not come out with “Jerboa droppings!”

Testudo graeca from North Africa


3 Responses to “On Widgets and Tortoise Droppings”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    Magpie, This blog is your own space and it is up to you and nobody else how you use it. If others are not happy with it they are under no obligation to visit or read it.

    About Widgets: If you go to Edit mode you will see four tabs:

    Click on Design and you will see the Widgets available to you.

    The widgets I use on my Blog are all to be found in the left sidebar:

    Archives link
    Recent Posts

    Hope that helps

  2. Rummuser Says:

    I wish that I could be as enterprising as Grannymar. My resident geek sorts out all these mundane matters for me. Not the droppings part of it though, which nature takes care of for me.

  3. magpie11 Says:

    I can find the widgets under Appearance but have no idea which one is the one that I’m supposedly using…….

    As for this being my space…that’s understood but I had not given this any particular thought until mentioned…… I’m now wondering whether I can remove the (apparently) offending text if I want to.

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