Things I don’t tell about myself…

This has been causing me considerable pain as a topic to write about.

Consider if you will the fact that as soon as I tell you something about myself that I have not told before it is no longer something that I do not tell about myself. Now, is that a conundrum or some other obscure device?

I pick my toenails; There you are, that is something that I now tell about myself. I might not tell it often but I do , demonstrably, tell it about myself.

By the way, I use my  toe nails to pick my toenails.

There is not much more, if anything at all, to say.

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14 Responses to “Things I don’t tell about myself…”

  1. Maria from Silver Fox Says:

    Now that I know about your toenails, I am most anxious to know if you have a lint brush for your belly button. I so agree with you on the difficulty of this subject. Does make one’s head spin.

    • magpie11 Says:

      NO! I do have a special brush for my moustache and beard. It was presented many years ago by a pupil to remember her by.

  2. bitchontheblogUrsula Says:

    Well, Magpie, big sigh. You do disappoint when you set your mind to it. Not as much as Ramana in his hours of darkness but still.

    Your toenails an edifying example why one should keep certain things to oneself. At moments when I have nothing better to do to occupy that grey soup of mine called “brain” I will look at people coming my way, in front or behind me in a queue, and imagine them doing the unimaginable. I don’t do it on purpose. It just happens. I hate it and so would the people I have visions on – if only they knew.

    It’s one of the reasons I’d be absolutely awful at the oldest profession of the world. It’s all very well to be paid thousands to jump into bed with Richard Gere (Pretty Woman) or Robert Redford (forgotten the film’s title – Demi Moore I believe the ‘love’ interest). Oh the hardship! Instead, naturally, you will be lumbered with oh god, Magpie, I can’t bear the thought of it! I have nothing but admiration for women who CAN bear IT. Or for boys come to think of it.

    How did we get onto prostitution? Yes, dead matter. Nails and hair.


    • magpie11 Says:

      Ah well. I had to think of something to generate suitable reactions. It seems that I succeeded.

      Worry not….. I have a good pair of scissors and emery boards and use them on my feet in private…

      And I don’t wear socks in bed!

      As for prostitution… I cannot recall knowingly having ever met a lady of the night!

      Glad you’re still around. 😉

  3. bikehikebabe Says:

    At least you don’t bite your toenails.

  4. Delirious Says:

    Well, this entry shows that you are: 1. very brave to admit that you pick your toenails WITH your toenails, and 2. Very confident that you are able to admit it so easily! 🙂
    Actually, that didn’t sound that bad to me. It could have been something much worse. 😀

  5. padmum Says:

    I am confused too! I can’t pick my toenails simply because I can’t reach them!! Still thinking about what to say!

  6. cedar51 Says:

    now that’s a wonderful response to a very awkward question!

  7. Rummuser Says:

    Magpie, you should start a training institute to teach us all poor sods incapable of reaching our toe nails, how to pick toe nails with toe nails. Must be a trick worth a few laughs in parties!

  8. Grannymar Says:

    I think you are not telling us something… the fact that you made that ‘toes’ story up. At least your secret was not picking your nose!!!

    Sorry I am so late in commenting.

  9. blackwatertown Says:

    This sounds ingenious. Would work well in a multitasking way – you could be using nail scissors on your finger nails while at the same time picking your toe nails with… you toe nails. Still sounds bizarre saying it again.

  10. magpie11 Says:

    Well there you are…bizarre is as bizarre does!

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