Why, oh why, do so many people respond to simple truths with

such animosity towards the teller?


Why, oh why, do so many people respond to simple truths with such animosity towards the teller?


13 Responses to “Animosity”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    Oops, The type seems to be feeling Animosity!

  2. magpie11 Says:

    That was un-intended…. will edit.

  3. Rummuser Says:

    Don’t. It is amazing. I am particularly interested in the question because of this article, which I got a friend to send me after Starkey was pilloried. I had watched the BBC interview and felt that he was not given sufficient space/time to explain his observation.…-and-this-is-only-the-beginning.html

    • magpie11 Says:

      Thank you for that link….I didn’t see the broadcast but saw an on line video of it.

      Starkey’s real mistake was being educated….. as for Powell’s speech. I wonder how many people who condemn(ed) it have ever read it in its entirety?

      As for Piers Morgan…. the cobbler should stick to his last .

      And E. Milliband is wet behind the ears and whines incessantly.
      (my spelling software suggest millibar for Milliband… a very small measure of pressure…If i recall correctly equivalent to the pressure exerted by one millimetre of mercury, itself a very poisonous substance.

      I respect Starkey’s intellect but by golly I’m avoiding discussing this with many people I know…. both black and white……

      Try saying this to some of the people I know and see what knee jerk reactions we get:

      “We must focus on the righting of the wrong rather than the original wrong itself. The former heals; the latter divides. And we have had enough of division. There is a final point. If all the people of this country, black and white alike, are to enter fully into our national story, as I desperately hope they will, they must do so on terms of reciprocity. In other words, I must be as free to comment on problems in the black community as blacks are to point the finger at whites, which they do frequently, often with justice, and with impunity. ”
      Starkey….. Telegraph.

      This is one argument I would never win with logical discussion….

      But I’m the person that one Russ Chandler called an “F’ing pompous, F’ing reactionary F’ ing anal sphincter” or words to that effect just because I didn’t agree that the British Police are fascists and suggested (sarcastically) that the real fascists are the Anarchists he seems, to me, to identify with. I had a particular quotation from Orwell in mind.

      My point here is that huge numbers of people are unable to accept anyone having a different point of view to them. Which brings us back to animosity.

  4. gaelikaa Says:

    Great point, Magpie. I do it myself and I know it.

    My post is up now and you are most welcome to view it if time allows!

  5. bitchontheblog Says:

    Yes, Magpie: Shoot the messenger.Saves one looking for the culprit and doing something about the message.


  6. Looney Says:

    I was going to start ranting about the fonts, but don’t quite have the energy. Certainly your post deserves a creativity award.

  7. gaelikaa Says:

    Hi handsome!

  8. blackwatertown Says:

    I like the font approach too.
    One approach to the shoot the messenger situation – if you’re the messenger – is to phrase along these lines – “I think there’s something you should know/be made aware of….” So at least the receipient of the message realises/thinks you’re doing them a favour by bringing what other people are saying about them to their ears.

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