Listen! LISTEN!

How many times did I scream that word at my parents I wonder? As many times as they refused to do as I needed.

How many times did I silently scream the same imperative when I was apparently ignored in the staff room full of women who mistook aggression for assertiveness?

And then:

All too often I would discover that my idea had been put forward as someone else’s at a later date.

I eventually learned to sit back, shut up and observe: What did I find? That there were others, women actually, who suffered the same treatment at the hands of the same people.

Now, as I look back, I see that this is just the way things are often done “in business”. This begs the question as to why there are so few women at the top of British business. It is patently obvious to me that there are women out there who are just as capable of the deviousness needed to succeed in business as any man.

Now about those women who suffered the “Not listening” treatment; To a man…oops a person they were polite, caring, gentle women who would never dream of being rude and interrupting someone who had the floor.

So there you are…. all you people out there who think you know it all…..stop and listen to the quiet ones amongst us from time to time:

As for me, I’ve learned to rant at very high volume from time to time. At least it drowns out the voices of the self important bullies!

A pity I can’t do it effectively in the “blogosphere”……


8 Responses to “Listen! LISTEN!”

  1. Rummuser Says:

    You can. Just have to use the kind of language that news papers in their head lines.

  2. Ursula Says:

    Well, Magpie, what can I say? Not a lot. This morning a raven (black as they come) talked to me. I listened. Not that I could make beak or feather out of what he was saying but whilst pleased to see me he was definitely aggrieved by something. Probably by those incessantly shrieking seagulls in our vicinity. They get on my nerves too.

    I like ravens. They are elegant, they are black of feather, they know how to communicate. I am not given to superstition, yet they will (like the poor maligned cat) bring to mind being – potentially – bearer of bad news. It’s one of the reasons I love meandering across graveyards and cemeteries. Ravens will hop about. Keeping the dead, and me, company.

    As to business and leadership, the divide between the male and female: There is, without a doubt, a difference in approach. I have been very lucky to work for mostly admirable people of either gender. Not least the woman who took my young bewildered self flung into a foreign country with a language I barely spoke under her wings. She was/is an inspiration. Her business in a tough male dominated industry. She was made of steel but with such ease, charm, finesse, such diplomacy that everyone but everyone was eating out of her hand. She got her way, she made it work. I love(d) that woman. Here is to you, Maggie.

    I have been into freelancing for too long now to appreciate the finer detail of what you are talking about. Try and be your own boss. I still haven’t come to terms with working for me, of all people. As long as you don’t mind making little money you’ll be fine.

    I do share your frustration, Magpie, with the blogosphere. And have taken to my heart your idea to become the next Dyson (dungbeetle of the internet). Mind you, it won’t work. Firstly, no one will LISTEN. Though may take up smoking Cuban cigars to give me some gravitas. Secondly, to reform the masses is badly paid. If I want stale eggs and soft tomatoes I don’t need to stand on a platform.

    Affectionately, and don’t despair since it’s enough if one of us has already [despaired],

    • magpie11 Says:

      A raven? (Corvus corax)In Southampton? Sure it wasn’t a crow? (C.corone)

      We have the latter along with Pica pica, C.monedula, Garrulus glandarius and (I think I’ve seen) C. cornix…. I await the Chough and the Raven…. along with the Red Kite….

      We have gulls too…. nesting on top of the factories.

  3. Ursula Says:

    Alright, Magpie. Next time I’ll ask the bird whether it’s a Raven in crow’s clothing. Having looked into the difference between ravens and crows, yesterday’s friend was most likely a crow and the ones I meet on countryside graveyard are ravens (apparently they prefer piece, quiet and solitude, avoiding the hustle and bustle of a city). In fact you could make a heartbreaking story out of that,along the lines of the town mouse and its countryside cousin visiting.

    I like birds. You have to be a brave beast to make do with two feet only, making you (seemingly) so vulnerable. Can’t stand it when I see, say, pigeons picking something to me invisible off the tarmac of a busy road. Is this their idea of playing Russian roulette? I don’t know how they do it but their radar is amazing just as the next car tears around the corner.


    • magpie11 Says:

      I Like Ravens too…. one good reason to visit the Arctic…they are all over the place.

      In medieval times there were Ravens and Kites clearing up the rubbish in the we just have pinioned Ravens at the Tower of London.

      I remember reading a description of a tussle between a Raven and some large Raptor. As the Raptor stooped to capture the Raven the latter tumbled down wards and suddenly turned on its back to present its massive beak threatening to impale the attacker which immediately pulled out of its dive. I could only have been about eight or nine.

  4. gaelikaa Says:

    Listen more and speak less.

    Always good advice!

  5. magpie11 Says:

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ooooh! that’s hard

  6. Looney Says:

    Just got up and I am Raven-ous.

    My theory is that it is better to have someone else get the credit for my ideas. Seriously, if it is my idea, then it has a good chance of not working! If the idea is perchance successful, someone else will get the credit – and possibly the envy and annoyance that comes with that.

    Or to put it another way, when was the last time a politician’s ghost writer was blamed for a bad speech?

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