So little of what we do can prepare us……….

I have spent a pleasant week back at school. I was responsible for preparing the lighting for their production of  Anthony and Cleopatra and, although I say it myself, it was a successful project. A. , a seven year old boy of noble sensitivity, was escorted from the school hall at the end of one performance weeping copiously and sobbing at the sadness of the story. I wonder if he had been prepared for the story and its outcome? I can imagine him telling Mum and dad that he was going to see Anthony and Cleopatra and them outlining the story for him. And yet, that would not have prepared this sensitive child who complains that his fellow pupils are “Sooo noisy.”. Nothing could have prepared him for the emotional impact that he obviously felt. Thank goodness.

Nothing prepared me for the disturbing events on line earlier this week. I replied privately to an email only to find  my reply published by the recipient and in the process I came under attack. I was not prepared for the strength of my feelings and response.

Nor was I prepared for the private expressions of  assurance from others on the matter.

No matter how much we prepare ourselves for life’s events it is never enough.

At this point I would like to express my sympathy to Conrad and his family who are going through a difficult time which my experience helps me to comprehend.



6 Responses to “So little of what we do can prepare us……….”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    There are some things in life we can prepare for, others where a little preparation helps, yet at times when we think we are prepared the wind is blown right out of our sails by a sudden gust and we are left floundering.

    The show sounds like it was a great success.

  2. Ursula Says:

    Magpie, so glad you didn’t plunge the whole show into darkness. As you say, nothing can ‘prepare’ us fo the strength (or lack) of our emotions. I think it wonderful when someone – of any age – gets so absorbed in a play, a book, a film, as to be moved. What’s the point otherwise?

    Confidentiality/privacy: Etiquette suggests that if the recipient of any (serious) written communication wishes to forward some private missive, whether an email or a letter, to ask the sender whether that’s ok. It’s common courtesy.


  3. Rummuser Says:

    It is a very touching post Magpie. I am moved,

  4. Ashok Says:

    I think dealing with events we are not prepared for is crucial to developing our character. A very moving post indeed 🙂

  5. Conrad Says:

    David, thank you for the note of concern. We are doing well, but the journey is in its early stages. Who knows what twists the road will take. Friends and genuine concern really does help.

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