Of argument and vagueness…..

Some time ago I was persuaded to start blogging. I was persuaded to this venture by the efforts of  “a certain person”. At about the same time I became aware of a group of people who regularly featured on certain blogs and was made aware of someone’s presence somewhere in the ether.

This person was, apparently upsetting members of this aforementioned group. I was led to believe (on enquiring just who this was) that it was someone who was deliberately “flaming” (is that the correct term?) and whose gender was in question.

Meantime, I was occasionally aware of some amusingly written comments on other people’s blogs. Fun to read and by no means obscure, unlike a lot of things I read on the Internet.

I observed, sometime later, that Ursula had never had a go at me and was told that she would soon enough.

The comments continued and eventually I realised that Ursula was “retaliating” and was still not having a go at me. Someone told me that the original sin was to suggest that I was a woman…..  I had been told that I am “in touch with my feminine side” before….  well so bloody what?

Perhaps it is time that I, in my role as school teacher(retired but experienced) stepped in. But which persona should I adopt?
Calm, gentle, kind, placatory…. “Listen to me please. Every time you react to what you think someone has said about you you make things worse….” and so on. This is of course what happens all too often in the playground, or pub for that matter, and people end up being hurt. So often. however, nothing truly offensive has been said but yet someone reacts and fires back a salvo which is slightly more obviously an insult or criticism. In return another salvo is fired, slightly more obviously barbed….it’s called escalation…until a full blown shouting match takes place and everyone forgets that original beef.

I don’t suppose that I should really go for the angry, bad tempered teacher (so often such a wonderful Thespian triumph on my part) and bellow  what I once did at a particularly noisy class;

Bloody well shut up the lot of you!

By the way, it worked that time. That class became one of the best I ever taught.


3 Responses to “Of argument and vagueness…..”

  1. Ursula Says:

    Depending on a teacher’s authority the class might fall silent. Then what?

    Despondency will descend. Till someone starts giggling in vain hope to be thrown OUT of class.

    What’s so ridiculous, and I can’t thank you enough for reminding those having lost the story line: I NEVER made you into a woman. For reasons I can’t remember now, I believe on Ramana’s blog, can’t be sure (trace has been erased though still visible by your very own answer to me), you became my Daphne. I love Jack Lemmon – never more than in that role. “Some like it Hot” is so stupidly funny I do not know how many hours of my life I have given over to watch it again and again and again.

    Actually I love Jack Lemmon full stop. Such a pity he is dead.

    “The Appartment” with Shirley MacLaine, “The Odd Couple” with Walter Matthau. Can you think of a sweeter person?

    However, David, in those halcyon days of the Consortium (back in 2009) when a few of them prided themselves, non stop, on their humoUr, the self congratulatory laughing buck stopped at the puritan pit – both sides of the ocean. Fascinating that the only person who never took offence at my having you ‘tottering’ down the train station on high heels was your own self.

    Yeah, well. Hell. Antechamber and all that. I’d rather go straight to heaven than be locked in purgatory with certain people.

    So, Daphne, where to go from here. Just like in the film the Mafia has been on my case ever since. Make sure you get onto that yacht with the millionaire. Famous last and Daphne’s desperate words: “I am man”. Unperturbed, the betrothed said: “No one is perfect”. Indeed.


  2. Looney Says:

    In my experience the tactic is quite effective. But it only works once.

    • magpie11 Says:

      It only needs to work once! The shock of realising that your teacher can swear is enough, especially when coupled with the shame of actually causing him to do so! It was often the case that I was given the problem group to teach.
      One ex pupil told me, when fully grown and driving the school bus, “We were sh** scared when we heard we were going to be in your class. We soon learned that if we worked hard, remembered our manners and behaved properly we never got into trouble. That was the best lesson I ever learned.” His nave was ….. well, shouldn’t disclose that. Enough to say that he won the Schools’ Diving Trophy and after the above comment I reminded him of the fact and he said,”Yeah! You taught me to dive and then I found out you couldn’t even swim. You Bu*****!”

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