Wasn’t it the other  old fraud Jung who invented the idea of synchronicity? Whoever it was I know that they were trying to be “scientific” about coincidence.

Within  the last few minutes I have had two separate compliments paid me.
I was told that I am super clever, which is patently not true……. Okay I have an IQ that has been  measured between 154 and 170 at different times but all that proves is that I am good at IQ tests of various types.

A few seconds later I found an email that also said good things about me: I appear to be diplomatic…. which impression must be easy to give in print for in other sphere’s I am known for having a foot sized (British size8) mouth.

Speaking, as someone was , of hedgehogs rolling into a ball. Has anyone ever seen a hedgehog fighting an adder? Now, the latter creature is anathema to me but I do love hedgehogs and their fleas. I admit to being curious as to the flavour of baked Hedgepig but cannot remember ever having tasted it so I cannot, as with ordinary  pigs, opine,”I love (hedge)pigs and they taste good as well.”

Did I say ordinary pigs? Forgive me please, members of the porcine race whom I admire and love beyond all normal levels of reasonableness. You are far from ordinary you are all extra ordinary. And you taste very good when appropriately cooked.

Where was I? Ah hedgehogs and adders.

Adders (whose only use would seem to have been to help bring about the death of an inordinately dangerous Greek,Queen of the Nile, or was that an asp?) when disturbed are known to strike at the object that disturbs them. Apparently that was me on a long forgotten occasion in my much younger days. It pierced my welly I am told. They will attack or attempt to repel a wandering hedgehog. The hedgehog immediately rolls itself into a ball and the maw of the viper is impaled. The viper withdraws and immediately the hedgehog unfurls itself and seeks to proceed upon its way.

This is too much for the angry viper who launches another attack and finds his (or her) jaws impaled once more. So the “combat” (as opposed to conflict?) proceeds until the poor unfortunate, some may say stupid, serpent bleeds to death.

I suspect that the hedgehog might well enjoy a jolly well deserved feast after his (or her?) exertions. Except that perhaps the viper’s mate is lurking in the undergrowth. So maybe that hedgehog will goreg him (or her)self having dispatched said mate. Double helpings!

I have a vivid image of this conflict in my mind but I know not whence it came. Did I actually witness this? After all I know we did have adders in our garden at Blean in Kent where I was apparently attacked by one. To which event my mother attributed my fear and loathing of  all things colubrine. Did I see a film of this battle? I don’t know but the image is there.

Where is the synchronicity in all of this you may ask?

Who the heck cares? I know I don’t.

Before I posted this I decided to search the web (other search engines are available) by typing into the “search engine of my choice” the following:

Adder hedgehog…. apparently the hedgehog goes hunting!


7 Responses to “Synchronicity….”

  1. padmum Says:

    After reading all the other posts I think I am relieved that you and I have gone off the beaten path.

    What does it matter if it was an actual or an ‘image’ experience. It is there, so it is yours!!

  2. Grannymar Says:

    No, I have never seen a hedgehog fighting an adder. Interesting link, it is almost a mirror image of your story, so perhaps you did experience it.

  3. Rummuser Says:

    The only adders I have come across were the old fashioned book keepers who used to sit before ledgers and journals and add up rows and columns to tally accounts. Fascinating to watch them. To be able to do that day in and day out, and for a pittance, would have taken a lot of character!

    • magpie11 Says:

      Now that reminds me of a display I saw in an office back in 1979. The office belonged to a photographer.

      In front of a large Vivarium complete with a locked lid was a sign bearing the legend; “Beware of the Adder”.

      Plucking up my courage I sidled across just to see. In the corner under a bright light sat a…..pocket calculator.

  4. Ursula Says:

    Ever since reading “Le Petit Prince”, naturally in its original lingo (those were the days when children were still tortured to learn something), I am not particularly fond of snakes either; not least because they don’t blink, got us out of paradise and slither (silently and underfoot). The Boa swallowed an elephant – the drawing ca page 3 giving a very good outline of the elephant inside the slender snake. Hope the constrictor got some serious indigestion. And remember: Elephants NEVER forget.

    Am sorry to hear about your incident of the wellie and the adder. The adder may count her blessings that you didn’t turn into a hedgehog at the first hiss. That’s the disadvantage of living in the real world rather than in a fairy tale: THE END.

    As to your desire for clay baked hedgehog: On the whole one should only ever eat that which is bigger than us, or at least faster (which is why I abhor snails). It’s also best never to know what you are being served. What’s palatable one moment becomes a nightmare one mouthful – and too much information – later.

    Tip of the day: Don’t leave out milk for your resident hedgehog: It’s bad for them; as it is for cats (science against folklore). How to deflea a hedgehog. I don’t know, Magpie. We all have at least one cross, headlouse or dustmite to bear. How come that you and I manage to end up pondering blood suckers every so often?

    Greetings to one of Henry Kissinger’s successors; don’t hold out too many hopes for trying to FORCE the peace. But then – you DO talk sweet.


    • magpie11 Says:

      One should only eat strange food when one is feeling the pangs of real hunger….. it will always taste better and you won’t care what it is.

      Bearing of crosses? Cue for an old tale about the teddy bear with wonky eyes (definitely not Steif then) that a little girl had named Gladly. When asked why she explained, “It’s after the song we sing in church…You know the one….Gladly the Cross-eyed bear”

  5. Ashok Says:

    You like Pork then you should definitely try Coorgi Pork a very spicy prok based dish specific to my state. I have heard from my red meat eating friends that it is very delicious 🙂

    It was a refreshing approach to the topic David, consistent with your sense of humour. I specifically liked the part about the distinction between IQ and IQ tests given that I am bound to perform miserably in most IQ tests 😛

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