Chinese Zodiac…..

Little did I realise what I had started when I mentioned somewhere along the line in the past few days that I was born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dog.

Grannymar decided to come clean about her birth sign……. and other people seem to have taken to making admissions. Meanwhile people with a tad more sanity left than I have also commented, amusingly as ever.

So, I’m a dog, says he wagging his tail…. but I find that, being born in 1946, I am not just any old Dog.
I’m a Fire Dog

True, I am often to be found in antique shops……browsing amongst my Fire Companions

Or may be I might be found wondering the streets and fields of England observing choice objects

However, and in all seriousness, should we not take these hororscope thngys with a pinch or two of salt? Blood pressure aside of course.

After all, I may be loyal. I hope I am. I may be kind. And in spite of my mother’s dislike of this trait, I hope I am. But, I do not always finish what I start and I am not tidy.

I wish I did and was.

Those who know me can judge this final comment

Fire Dogs – Year1946

Fire Dogs are true leaders. Others enjoy being in the company of Fire Dogs. They’re sexually attractive, charismatic, vibrant and confident and they always prefer to be on the go.

I have to ask Greystone Forge’s forgiveness for using their picture of a Victorian Companion Set. Also Bathhouse Restoration for their picture of

the first set  of fire dogs and UK Architectural Antiques for the photo of a magnificent pair on the grass.

As for the hound at the top….he came form someone called


10 Responses to “Chinese Zodiac…..”

  1. Rummuser Says:

    My sign is sheep. It makes sense that you are now a sheepdog.

  2. Grannymar Says:

    I like your take on it. I am always fascinated at how my ‘filler’ posts attract attention. Maybe I should stop thinking and slap down any old thing that comes into my head.

  3. Conrad Says:

    I notice you didn’t disavow being sexually attractive.

  4. bitchontheblog Says:

    Grannymar, isn’t it satisfying when slamming down some idea, spur of moment? Even if results are UNpredictable, sometimes backfiring so badly you think you had the chimney sweep round.

    Magpie, leaving your choice subjects – particularly the last one – untouched this moment: Do NOT agree to Ramana’s suggestion to be his sheep dog. Rounding up the bleating is HARD work. In no time you might find yourself the UNDERdog.

    If you need a ‘Secondant’ to defend your attractions and challenge Conrad in what can only be called a backhander please call on me. Weapon of your choice. I will sharpen the blade myself, polish the pistol till it gleams, count the blanks. Dawn it is. Bois de Boulogne.

    Should Con throw you a ball in an attempt to distract you please don’t behave like a dog. Stay on task.


  5. Magpie 11 Says:

    Why challenge anyone to anything? After all…I am also a Leo!

    By the way, I can herd cats so a few sheep should not prove difficult. As for being UNDERdog, well, I have lots of experience with people thinking that I was underdog until they realised, too late, that their thoughts were far from the fact. I had been burrowing away at the foundations all the time.

  6. Ursula Says:

    Why challenge? In the Bois de Boulogne? It’s the romance of it, David. Imagine it: Dawn – a new day. Mist still rising from night’s dew. The ceremony. Think Maupassant, Balzac – Moliere if you want a laugh. Don’t think Zola or you’ll be dead.

    On a side note, and never thought about it till this moment: Why do only men duel each other in a formal manner?

    “Underdog” – it’s a peculiarly English word; or concept. Surprisingly concise, yet wishy washy. And far too often used on these isles.

    As to your personal experience: I can only confirm that one always needs to watch – as we say in the motherland – the QUIET waters. Oh dear. When they roar they roar. And take you unawares. My beloved Latin teacher was like that. He was nothing but kindness and patience in face of imbeciles. He had a quiet authority unlike some of his colleagues who ruled by fear or just lost the plot; beloved by his pupils. But when Herr Schillinger DID get cross (once a year max) – oh my God. Even the mouthy would shut up – and the whole class, and each individual in it, would be genuinely upset to have crossed a line. And be TRULY sorry indeed.


    • Magpie 11 Says:

      Les Bois de Boulogne? The only real activity I can see myself doing in that location is described in Charles Coburn’s song: As I walk along the Bois de Boulogne…but would the the girls really wish they could die?

      Moliere….frequented Chambord, did he not?, where Francois Premier scratched on a window pane: Souvent Femme Varie,Bien Fol Est Qui S’y Fie

      Though my schoolboy French thought it should read:
      Souvent Femme Varie, il est bien fol qui s’y fie.
      (Woman is fickle, he who trusts her is mad.)

      Is this true or does it apply only to some women?

  7. Ursula Says:

    Fickle? I don’t know, David. People vary – nothing to do with gender. There is most certainly nothing ‘mad’ about trusting anyone. Just stand by for bewilderment should things go pear rather than apple.

    For myself – if I have one virtue it’s loyalty. Once someone has caught my attention it’s theirs forever. If that attention unwanted (don’t get me started on GG) I will shelve it in my archive but always retrievable instantly.

    U – currently not in liners

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