Well, This is a second attempt to publish this Loose Bloggers’ Consortium post. Some how I managed to publish it this morning on another page: Computer programs are obviously not simple enough for me to handle yet. There would appear to be a conflict between my abilities and expectations and the ideas of programmers.
It appears that I have lost the ability to insert links to the rest of the LBC. I can only suggest that you nip over to Ireland to Grannymar and navigate from there.

And so to today’s verbiage:

It occurs to me that conflict of itself need not be dangerous for either the conflictees or those around them. What makes conflict dangerous is our combativeness. Too often precipitated by a tendency to jump to conclusions. We all do it from time to time, not pausing to consider, just jumping in with immediate reaction to soemthing said or written.

If this happens on an individual level consider how dangerous it is to embark on combat as a nation, tribe or faith group.

Another, intriguing, idea is that burying of heads in the sand, ignoring conflict can be just as dangerous….for all.


5 Responses to “Conflict…….”

  1. padmum Says:

    “Too often precipitated by a tendency to jump to conclusions”. Absolutely, especially if you are someone like me with an opinion on everything under the sun….and firmly convinced that I am right. Thank God though that I am not an ostrich—more an octopus actually!!

  2. Grannymar Says:

    I try to avoid conflict, not by burying my head in the sand but by sidestepping it!

  3. Maria Says:

    with friends, I like Grannymar, skirt the issue so why do I so quickly jump to conclusions with my husband whose conservatism is esual to my liberalism?

  4. Rummuser Says:

    You are bang on Sir. Great post.

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