Values: Modern? Western?

For some inane reason, whilst considering the idea of Values, I found myself thinking of (the much loathed by me) late John Lennon and the only words that he wrote that have stuck in my mind:

In the Modern Idiot.

(the title of  a little known (it seems) publication of pieces by said Lennon that someone at school had possession of. I have never seen it again and have only ever seen mentioned once anywhere else)

Those four words were responsible for my placing a small amount of value upon the Beatles. Little did I realise in those days that they, their music and Lennon’s self publicising antics would become so ubiquitous and valued so highly by so many gullible people, mostly Western.

As I sit typing this the 1:00pm BBC radio News is on in the background and I hear that Palestinian armed factions (careful use of words there) and the Israeli armed forces are increasing the violence in Gaza once more Tit for Tat. Tat for Tit. Death for Deaths. Deaths for Death. What price Universal Values like the life of a child?

Forget Western vs Modern Values….it seems that children’s lives are now only of value if they are your own nation’s children.


Has it not always been thus?


11 Responses to “Values: Modern? Western?”

  1. rummuser Says:

    What children? How long do you think we have before we all disappear?

  2. Grannymar Says:

    As always David, you have an interesting twist to the topic.

  3. Ursula Says:

    What were those five words?


  4. magpie11 Says:

    Now people will wonder what U is talking about!

  5. Ursula Says:

    Magpie, I clearly AM an idiot. I thought you were referring to a publication called ‘The Modern Idiot’, finding myself searching high and low for Lennon’s five word wisdom; not to be found.


  6. Magpie 11 Says:

    Easy mistake.. the title consisted of a mere four words…not the five I originally alluded to.

    I find the idea that you thought that Lennon actually managed five words of wisdom and that you couldn’t find them, quite amusing.

    Of course, I may be completely wrong about it being a publication at all…. Though I think not…..

  7. Ursula Says:

    Am rather amused at your personal beef, whatever that is, with Lennon: He seems to divide people. He left me in neutral – but dimly remember thinking: What’s the point of him and Yoko Ono holding court to the press whilst still in bed? There is no power in that flower – it’s just pretentious crap.

    Though kept observation to myself because you never know whether there isn’t a Lennon fan in earshot. And my then bestest (female) friend was an ardent in her admiration of his intellect. And if you were NOT you’d immediately be fashioned into a Paul McCartney groupie; my sister declared her undying love for George Harrison but then she was only six or seven at the time. And to give Harrison his due he did play with Eric Clapton and the Undertakers. You know, Magpie, I have no idea what I am talking about. Throw a few names in the ring and if lucky people think you an expert. Unless you are Schubert’s “Unvollendete” – his unfinished symphony. It’s tragic. The husband of one of my aunts (her maiden name being Schubert) teased her mercilessly for being, well, unfinished. She soon finished with him.


  8. Magpie 11 Says:

    I was never a fan of the Beatles, nor any other pop group really, and Lennon always made me shudder. He always seemed to be self obsessive….hence the bed in with Ono….. maybe with a better background he could have been a nicer person….I don’t know. Have to admit I never heard of The Undertakers and have often wondered why so many people idolise Clapton.

    Never mind…. it takes all sorts.

  9. gaelikaa Says:

    I missed this one, sorry about that! At least now I got to read it, comments and all and it was very good.

    I do agree with you, it takes all sorts.

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