I thought that I might  try sticking my head above the parapet just to see what happens:

After all

Almost any human activity carries some risk, but some are much more risky than others.

When I first thought of trying this I wondered whether I should do a risk assessment or not but decided that if I chose to do so I would have to do a risk assessment on doing the first risk assessment.

I concluded that the risk of assessing that the risk of doing the risk assessment (the first one) was too high. It would either hold things up for too long or would stop me risking sticking my head above the parapet.

In the end I decided to risk it. After all, what could possibly go wrong? I could be called all sorts of names, but I’ve been called names by fools and experts, I could be completely ignored, but I don’t give a …..tinker’s cuss…., I could be told that my presence is not wanted….so what? Story of my life at times.

So here I am…risking popping my head above the parapet and ready to duck!


Oh yes! I must risk an explanation>>.this is my first post linked to the LBC for some time: I guess I have become an irregular contributor to the consortium’s efforts: The regular contributors are :

I lifted that list from another Blog…could be quite risky!


13 Responses to “Risk”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    You are now back on my list of Active LBCers!

  2. Grannymar Says:

    My first comment got lost. 😦

    Welcome back! You were missed. BIGTIME!

  3. magpie11 Says:

    I may not stay on a regular basis….. Puzzled look because thta seems wrong… I was inspired by RISK!

  4. rummuser Says:

    Welcome back Magpie. I missed you and I am risking your getting all choked up with emotion about that. Forgive me, but that is the truth. Back you go into my active list too.

  5. padmum Says:


    I am the Jennie-come-lately but I know you’ll from my brother Ramana’s blogs.

    Glad you took the ‘risk’ to stick your head above the parapet….and quack, quack to you as well.

    • magpie11 Says:

      Jennie-come-lately? I’m sure there’s a song in there….from the 1960s…however, I’ll have to introduce you to my son’s girlfriend who is, emphatically, Jennie and was named as such.

      hat was quite a quack you made.

  6. Delirious Says:

    Oh, I’ll have to add you to my list! Is that risky? 😉

  7. magpie11 Says:


  8. Ursula Says:

    Magpie, I will not gush. However, I salute you for taking your life in your hands – and RISK it.

    May all your other readers be spared a spot of Irish potato blight and constipated e-motion should they need to pass one.


  9. gaelikaa Says:

    I tried to leave a comment here last week but was unable to do so.

    I enjoyed your LBC post and look forward to more in the future.

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