Psalm 2010: Hereby, a rant warning

Today, November 1st 2010, I received an email consisting of some pictures and a piece of poetry purporting to be a Psalm. It consisted of words criticising President Barak Obabma.

Now, at a certain level it was clever but the arguments it portrayed were ridiculous to say the least. It was not funny. In fact it was very sad in its ridiculousness.

Below is my immediate response to this email, which came from a citizen of the USA. Perhaps i should have been more considered but I keep hearing and reading the most banal and inflammatory things on this subject that i just had to react.

I apologise in advance if this offends but I have followed all of this from afar….. When Obama was elected I made two predictions…that right-wing racism would show up and that eventually he will be assassinated….the character assassination has started already….. I mean: How dare a Black man even dream of being President? Let alone actually become President? I have seen some evil stuff around this.

I heard some people from Philadelphia on the radio today. They were Blaming Obama for the mess your country is in. They all seemed to have forgotten that he inherited the mess bequeathed him by a REPUBLICAN government of 8 years standing (no, sorry, one of them pointed out that he had inherited the mess. The poisoned chalice. From REPUBLICANS)

8 years of Bush’s mess and wasting nmoney on an illegal war in Iraq and ignoring what was happening in the world of commerce because so many idiots thought that they were getting something for nothing. I had thought that that was only a British disease. Governments are supposed to protect their poeple..ours didn’t and nor did yours….

Like Thatcher and the Falklands, if it hadn’t been for the 11th  September 2001 Bush would not have lasted as long as he did.
As it was we ended up with Blair and Brown for way too long to add to the pain.

Now it seems that racism is rearing it’s ugly head once more …….  what did the Americans think Barak Obama is? A witch doctor able to put everything right with one shake of a bone rattle? He’s human and he has to fight against all the vested interests in your country who stop at nothing to make money….

If I could go on syndicated TV over there I would say to the American people that theys should grow up, put aside their greed like the christians so many say they are and start really caring for each other. I’d say the same in this country too………. mind you I’d probably find a lot else to say.

By the way the closed factories are there because countries like India, China, South Korea produce things cheaper. And often better. The same over here.

Unfortunately Capitalism relies upon our greed as individuals…. Why do so many people squeal when someone else manages to do it even better than them?

I may return to the subject at a later date. Perhaps when I have calmed down and when the elections being held tomorrow are over.

In the meantime may I take the opportunity to say :

“Good Luck America. I hope you have enough sense to kick these tea party Wacko followers of Glenn Beck into touch.”

Give a man a chance!



6 Responses to “Psalm 2010: Hereby, a rant warning”

  1. Conrad Says:

    You are preaching to the choir here. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  2. rummuser Says:

    Conrad’s post on Sorenson today led me to let off my own steam there and I find that you are doing a great job of defending a man who is doing a great job but is being stymied by an inability to communicate to the public the actions that are being taken and the results that will follow.

  3. Ursula Says:

    Magpie, I love the “witch doctor” bit. I can just see the American people, glued to their seats and TV sets whilst stuffing their faces: They are watching their President dancing round an open fire, wearing some fetching Hawaian skirt, the caldron smoldering and Michelle throwing a few warts and toads into the mixture. Naturally, both the President and his wife will be glistening with heat and sweat on their chocolate skins.

    Let’s weave the magic.


  4. magpie11 Says:

    Hey! Try this for size……..

    Thanks for the replies…

    It annoys me that for some reason Obama is castigated because he has not brought about immediate miracles. I did see the question posed ” Why, because he’s black, is he expected to perform miracles that a white man couldn’t perform?”
    The questioner hit the nail on the head…because he’s black he is seen as more culpable.

  5. gaelikaa Says:

    great stuff!

  6. bikehikebabe Says:

    Yeah, nicely said. But you’re either on the side of “living within your means” as my mother-in-law said when we were married OR spend, spend, spend.

    It’s always been that way between Republicans & Democrats. I voted for Obama & it isn’t working. (OK there’s the Bush wars, but I’m speaking of the future.)

    Conrad, I just got kicked out of the choir.

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