Memory Lane

Memory Lane can be a dark road to travel. It can also be a bright, sunlit byway. However, Memory Lane is much more likely to to be a path of both light and shade.

I find that I most often travel this path when someone else triggers an idea in my mind. Some one says, “Do you remember…?” or “Who remembers…?” Sometimes a smell wafting down the street will take me on a stroll or on occasions a a mad panicking sprint born out of fear along the road.

The other day, I was surprised to receive a communication via another forum fro someone who had known me when they were all of eleven years old. It seems that this person had been Ambling along  a mutual path in memory with someone else who had known me at the same time.

They had found themselves wondering together in a sunlit part of the by way and had come to the conclusion that I had caused the sun to shine on them.

It is a strange and wonderful experience at thsi stage in my life to know that I am part of someone else’s memory lane for that was the phrase they used.

Yet it still occurs to me that I may well have been a dark and shadowy presence along other paths of people’s lives.


5 Responses to “Memory Lane”

  1. bikehikebabe Says:

    Old people live in memory lane. Due to short term memory loss, they don’t remember yesterday.

  2. Conrad Says:

    You are becoming part of my memory lane as we travel sometimes parallel, often intersecting paths during this patch of our lives. I’m liking that.

  3. Cheerful Monk Says:

    What a neat thing to hear! How many of your memories are dark and how many are light?

  4. rummuser Says:

    Neatly put David. Yes, sudden discoveries of old friends through unexpected twists and turns of life happens. When they do, it is a wonderful feeling. As you probably do, I get a lot of forwarded mails and in one, by sheer accident, I came across a familiar name which I hadn’t come across in decades. I singled that one out and sent a mail asking if it was the same person that my path had crossed all those years ago. It turned out that it was and we have reestablished a very mutually satisfying connection all over again. Since then, I keep looking carefully at the names in all the forwarded mails!

  5. Grannymar Says:

    I try not to dwell for long in the dark lanes preferring the warmth of smiles and good memories. It is fascinating to rediscover old acquaintances and learn about their journey in life.

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