Die Weisse Spinne…….

I was called to the Garden today to view an old friend from my childhood. I often saw White Crab Spiders hiding on my mother’s white dianthus flowers (Pinks and carnations). Beautifully camouflaged to lie in wait for their prey these spiders do not build web traps.

This one was sitting on the back of a garden chair. The picture does not do her justice, I do not have  a macro leans on my Digital Camera.

Misumena vatia?

Looking up my friend on the web I came across references to a book about climbing the North Face of the Eiger. Hence the title of this brief post…I do not speak German so have no idea if  “Spinne” is masculine or feminine so I did not try using the indefinite article. Given the proclivity of female spiders to eat their mates (folklore based on some fact) after mating, indeed, in some versions, whilst in the throes of “passion” itself, I suspect that this is a female of the specie. Does that change the gender of the article in German?


9 Responses to “Die Weisse Spinne…….”

  1. Conrad Says:

    I don’t know anything about this spider, but I have to say that based upon your last two photos, you have a magnificent sense of composition. Both of these photos are beautiful!

    • magpie11 Says:

      Sh! It’s done by cropping …using Windows picture manager. Sorry to use bad language…The W word is anathema to me!

  2. bikehikebabe Says:

    The 1st thing coming to mind is, I’ve never seen a white spider.

    Next thing is how can you have a wooden chair outside with all the rain you get?

    • magpie11 Says:

      We also have lots of little wolf spiders…well I call them wolf spiders because they seem to appear in packs!

  3. Grannymar Says:

    I have never seen a White Crab Spider before. I did see several more usual varieties in the garden today, they were everywhere.

    • magpie11 Says:

      Well, we have had a lot of hot sun…It’s now raining steadily…and they are teak chairs and well oiled with Linseed oil…. actually the sun does more damage and in winter they are under a plastic cover!

  4. Ursula Says:

    Oh, dear. Yes, gender. Big sigh. Why is a horse neutral – DAS Pferd; yet the female correctly becomes “DIE Maehre” und her partner “DER Stallion”. Der Esel (donkey) is male per se. Pig is neutral: Das Schwein, yet be a little more specific and the female suckling your next barbecue becomes “die Sau” (auch ein Schimpfwort “Du Sau”, a swearword exclusively addressed at men – make head or curly tail of that one) und the male pig “der Eber”, rarely mentioned unless you are in search of truffles. All of them grunt. I am in awe of pigs. There is such purpose to their life. They are happy in the face of fate which awaits them; they keep their intelligence to themselves; they hoover up anything put in front of them; they put up with a reputation that would have a human run to the courts to sue for libel and then they find their severed heads stuffed with an apple. Which reminds me: Never give an animal you plan to eat a name. It’ll spoil your appetite. One of the reasons it’s so difficult to commit cannibalism when stranded at Madagascar. I am very fond of sea faring tales (mainly because I am scared of water en masse) so I have plenty of insight how the human psyche works when deciding whose card is up. Logic dictates it should be the fattest on board. But for some reason it’s usually the weedy one that faces the butcher’s block first. It’s false economy.

    Yes, spiders. I thought only the black widow got carried away mistaking her mate as a midnight snack. I have never seen a white spider like yours. The colour is beautiful, but those fangs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most people don’t know this, though no doubt you do: Of the supposed eight legs, only six are legs, the other two are, technically, their fangs/claws. I admire spiders. But I like them to keep their distance. Mainly because I can’t see their eyes – so you never know what’s on their mind. However, I do admire their resilience: To kill a spider takes more than one attempt. I remember watching soppy video clip with Apple of my Eye this plucky little spider being flushed down the bath tub drain – ca. 2 hours later a couple of lspindley legs trying to find a grip back up through the flush hole. Broke my heart. Give the guy a chance. Which reminds me: With autumn on the door step soon there will be those miracles of nature woven between the shrubs – visible best in the early morning dew. You should have plenty of those.


    • magpie11 Says:

      A fellow pig fan! I have always liked them and never knew why… intelligent, self sufficient and those lugubrious all knowing eyes. I do have various pig related items and books…. on top of the rest of their attributes they provide such wonderful food.

      I believe that many female spiders eat their mates…the male is usually smaller than the female. Those fangs are the front two pairs of legs…
      As for looking a spider in the eye..it’s hard enough with humans and they only have one eye…. many (if not all) spiders have eight eyes!

      “Most spiders have eight eyes in various arrangements. Spiders eyes are single lenses rather than compound eyes, ranging from simple light/dark-receptors to eyes rivaling those of a pigeon (in some jumping spiders). Some species of the Haplogynae family have six eyes, although some have eight (Plectreuridae), four (Tetrablemma) or even two (most Caponiidae) eyes. Sometimes one pair of eyes is better developed than the rest, or even, in some cave species, there are no eyes at all. Several families of hunting spiders, such as jumping spiders and wolf spiders, have fair to excellent vision. The main pair of eyes in jumping spiders even see in colour.”

      I love Orb Webs spun by various garden spiders…. brilliant achievements…..

    • magpie11 Says:

      Hey Ursula,

      Q Why do spiders spin?
      A. Because thay can’t weave.

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