Slug (á l’orange)

This fellow was sighted this morning taking a stroll, if one can stroll when possessed of only a single foot, on our rather rough concrete path. I really must do something about that path.

Arion sp., possibly an orange speciment of Arion ater (the European Black Slug) or a speciment of Arion rufus.

What a gorgeous creature it is.

Whatever species this is, it is a rather magnificnt creature, measuring about 3 inches long at full stretch and waving its visual antennae around looking for where to go next. No doubt the sensory antennae were working equally hard trying to “smell” some new food source.

I have used the pronoun “it” because slugs are hermaphrodite..simply neither “he” nor “she” just “them” or “it”!

My search for the identity of this specimen led me to  this wonderful website. Who’d have thought that there was such a thing as a Blue slug?


11 Responses to “Slug (á l’orange)”

  1. Maria Says:

    Wow, I am impressed with the variety of slugs. I do not believe they exist in the desert. I have only seen them in wetter climates. This is a wonderful way to spend Sunday morning in awe of the beauties of nature. I have just come back from a walk in the woods observing little chipmunks. Sure as heck beats sitting around in some stuffy church.

  2. Grannymar Says:

    Do you put these guys in your pockets with the nails and pieces of string?

    • magpie11 Says:

      Not any more! If anything I’d use proper specimen jars… apparently the only way to tell some species apart is to dissect them!

  3. bikehikebabe Says:

    I’m hearing about how bedbugs are spreading & how fast they multiply. They get in your suitcases on planes!

    • magpie11 Says:

      Apparently they travel n the London Underground too! They travel in the upholstery and then settle in your clothing!

      Only 50% of the population are allergic to their bites!

  4. Looney Says:

    That post was a treat. Glad to see my local Pacific Banana Slugs were on the list.

  5. Ursula Says:

    Looney, I don’t know about this post being “a treat”. I like snails but slugs … let’s just say aesthetically they are questionable. And if I ever stand on one – by accident, particularly when barefoot, I hop around in disgust, furiously wiping my foot in the wet grass trying to get rid of that ghastly feel left on my tender sole.

    Magpie, maybe Zandra Rhodes was a slug in an earlier life (reference colour) though I dare say she is not as naked and/or slimey orr indeed a hermaphrodite (what an efficient way to propagate the species, don’t you think?).

    Trust BHB’s attention promptly being diverted to bed bugs. And, Magpie, it’s no comfort at all that “only” 50 % of the population are allergic to their bites because I bet my bottom Pound Sterling that I’ll belong to the other 50 %. Having said that so far I have never encountered one. I suppose there is still time to catch up on the experience.


    • magpie11 Says:

      Ursula…you should look up slugs and snails reproducing their species….some slugs have amazing tricks..and it takes two to slither!

    • Looney Says:

      Ursula, I was imagining what the French could do with a 25 cm banana slug. Or possibly using the blue slugs together with the orange and the yellow to make a very colorful dish.

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