Criminal, that’s what I call it. Absolutely criminal!

I wonder how many of you have heard something like the above uttered by an irate , often pompous, individual. You know the type of scenario. Someone has just heard something that goes against the grain for them: Mrs Jones or Mr Smith from down the road has had a run in with a local youth and is complaining and Mrs Wibbley (or Mr Brown) becomes irate and declaims on the subject with reference to criminality.

Well, I think that sort of attitude is absolutely criminal. There is no other word for it. Just because something does not agree with your particular approach to life or because something has changed from how it was when you were a child it does not mean it deserves the description “criminal”. That attitude is, if you ask me, or even if you don’t, absolutely criminal.

Well, that’s got that off my chest!

Yes. you’ve guessed it, this is yet another in a series of posts suggested by a member of the Loose Bloggers Consortium. Who ever let us loose on the world was/is absolutely criminal:-)

Click over to the other members and see what they think of Crime or Criminal as a subject. It’s really just not on,  criminal in fact to make me rack my brain for ideas on this week’s topic.

Oh yes those other members….: Anu, Ashok, gaelikaa, Ginger, Grannymar, Helen, Judy, Conrad, Maria and Ramana

The Criminal suggestion came from Ashok.   It’s really just not on,  criminal in fact to make me rack my brain for ideas on this week’s topic..  who let this ………


9 Responses to “Criminal, that’s what I call it. Absolutely criminal!”

  1. Ginger Says:

    I wish everyone were as compassionate as you. I can see why people need for things that go against their grain to be criminal – it’s holding on to a cultural identity in a way. And God forbid that someone actually had an experience that the complainer missed out on because he or she adhered to his/her moral conviction.

    I guess I’m assumeing jealousy plays a role in labeling someone’s action criminal.

    (Apparently I’m looking into a mirror at the mo.) 🙂

  2. Grannymar Says:

    If it is not on…. is it off? 🙄

  3. Conrad Says:

    Nice targeting, Magpie! Our intolerance is indeed at the root of so much difficulty.

    Now, tell us just what this on and not on is about. Are you inventing language constructs again?

  4. magpie11 Says:

    On …not on….

    We’re talking colloquialism here methinks.

    “Oh, I say old chap. That’s just not on.” is an expression of disapproval of an action…… others might say “That’s a bit off, isn’t it?”

    Note the similarity with the idea that food (meat?) goes off.

    I suspect that “not on” is a rather upper class expression originally.

    Another idiom is “It’s just not cricket.”…referring to the (apocryphal?) adherence to the rules and the worship of fair play exhibited in that, the greatest of ball games.

  5. gaelikaa Says:

    It’s a figure of speech used in British English and doesn’t really have a deeper meaning. It just expresses frustration.

  6. Looney Says:

    *Sigh* And I was thinking that ‘criminal’ was anything I didn’t like!

  7. Rummuser Says:

    It is absolutely criminal that you wriggle away like this.

  8. magpie11 Says:

    As the eagle said to the snake!

    Who’s wriggling then?

  9. Ashok Says:

    Amen to that 🙂

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