Working in our local Budgen’s Supermarket we have a young Indian woman who, like the majority of her colleagues, always greets us as old friends.

Two weeks ago she was noticeable by her absence and when I enquired as to the whereabouts of “The Pest” I was given the news that her father had died at home in India.

This was a shock, as her mother had died only about a year ago and she had been unable to return home as was the case this time.

When she returned to her job she had obviously lost weight and was consumed with sadness.

Imagine my shock when she told us that her father had died exactly one year to the day after her mother. It was almost too much to take in.

How does one express ones feelings for her loss? I wrote a card and asked her boss to give it to her and her insisted that I give it to her myself. He’s a nice guy, truly kind.

Today we went in to buy some bits and pieces and at the checkout I became involved with playing peek a boo with a child in a push chair. You know, hiding behind my hat and popping out to say, “Boo”. Nothing but a very serious look from said child so I instinctively turned to Poonam and covered my face with my hat and then moved it and said “Boo!”. The ground needed to open up at my feet but I need not have worried because she collapsed with laughter and giggles.

Still no reaction from the child in the pushchair.

I hope I did not go too far.


7 Responses to “bereavement…”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    I think you hit exactly the right note!

  2. Ursula Says:

    Magpie, a child that doesn’t engage with an adult is – best case scenario – somewhere on the spectrum of autism or – worst case scenario – has a mother who habitually ignores him. Don’t get me started on the latter. Some of what I observe when out and about I could cry. Little people in the making and already damaged cases. So do keep smiling at them. A friendly magpie who gives a moment’s attention is a treasure.


    PS What type of hat do you wear?

    • magpie11 Says:

      One that goes on my head!

      I like hats but don’t wear them often…this is a brown trilby with a coloured cloth band made by Christies…I have taken to wearing it on the allotment to protect the bald patch from the sun!

      I was once asked for my autograph while wearing it with a leather jacket…some one thought that i was Terry Pratchett. I hope I am as courageous as he when my time looms…he suffers Alzheimer’s and acknowledges it in order to campaign.

  3. magpie11 Says:

    On hats… I once found an Indiana Jones hat which I bought and then discovered the initials H F inside. I didn’t keep it but passed it one to someone who wanted a hat for fancy dress.

  4. Rummuser Says:

    Some times it is best to flow with the instinct, and this obviously was one of those times that work. Great story.

    It is heart breaking when little children do not respond to our overtures. This happens time and again in the evenings when we try to make friends with babies in perambulators.

  5. gaelikaa Says:

    You made her forget herself and smile. That was lovely…

  6. gaelikaa Says:

    As for the kid, I can only say that it might have a delayed reaction….

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