Catching up……….


This weeks LBC topic  was Letters..being me I managed to forget all about it.

So what pops into my mind?

Letters think about this for a while…I had a pleasant lunch yesterday by the way. I t was a lovely salad of Letters leaves and other herbage.

I think that’s enough punning for the time being:

More seriously: Did you know that at one time the English Alphabet consisted of thirty three letters? In more modern times there have been attempts to create alphabets that would provide graphemes for each of the forty four phonemes in standard English.

On eof these was the Pitman Initial teaching Alphabet

Pitman i.t.a.

Pitman i.t.a.

I personally think that this was a worthy effort…. as a teacher I have seen it used very successfully…of course some mebers of the English Middle Class blamed it for their children’s poor spelling and the like…. Why do people so often forget that there were  less able children around in “their day”. ” Everyone could read and write when I was at school.” Nonsense….I can tell you the names of the children in my last Primary class who could not read or write when they went to Secondary School…. in some cases there wer whole families of them!


How I hated writing those insincere thank you letters every birthday and Christmas:

Dear x,y or z,

I hope you are well.

Thank you for the  a, b or c. It was 1) just what I wanted 2) a lovely surprise 3) some other sycophantic phrase suggested by Mother. It will be 1)very useful 2) very interesting 3) lovely to use 4) lots of fun. (or various combinations of these)

So and So (here insert name of aunt or uncle or other person “of note”) sent me a/an/the (whatever they sent). (always be careful not to mention something that cost too much more than that which x, y or z sent)

I am looking forward to1) seeing you soon 2) coming to stay with you 3) some other fatuous event organised by parents.

Lots of love,



I wonder what one really wanted to say?

Dear X ,Y or Z,

I hope that this finds you feeling less disappointed that it leaves me.

You present was….. (use your imagination) I really have no use whatever for (a copy of David Copperfield. I am only 8 (I’ll get a slap for that as I MUST NOT use figures in writing but only words and then I’ll have to rewrite the whole thing)and Charles Dickens is such a boring writer. He uses more words than he really needs to.)

Did you know that So and So sent me a/an/the (mention more expensive present preferably something really lacking in any merit as far as an adult is concerned). It is (select over enthusiastic adjective)

Did you know that (sister’s name) fell down the stairs on Boxing Day( or some other  notable day). It was really funny as she  (describe progress down the stairs) Now she has a bandage round her head but she won’t let me out feathers in it or let me paint her face with Mummy’s lipstick. I wan to play Cowboys and Indians.

Lots of love



I found it amazing that both my sisters EXPECTED my sons to write thank you letters and were not willing to accept a chat on the telephone. I was not going to torture my children if I could help it.

Interestingly, it was the boys’ maternal Grandmother who accepted this before anyone else.

I rarely write a letter these days and when I do it is usually for an important reason. Perhaps a complaint to the manufacturer/retailer of a failed piece of equipment. Sometimes it might  be to offer praise for a product or a service rendered.

When it comes to personal letters, then I might pen something to someone important.

Talking of writing. I never typed out a school report. I always hand wrote them, right up to 2007 when I wrote my final set of thirty. Only once did I get a complaint. I had nor used black ink and the mother of a particular child complained that I had used a peacock blue ink. She wouldn’t like to receive one now. I use Perpetual ink (well, violet actually).

Catch up 2

A while back I mentioned my solution to the world’s problems: Well, it’s a simple concept. All we have to do is get rid of the only thing won Earth that we have to fear. i.e The Human Race.

So if I were rich, rich , rich I would fund research by some mad scientist to develop a strain of virus/bacteris/fungus that would selectively remove Homo sapiens from the planet …… nature might then have a chance to cretae something more considerate to the rest of creation than the average Human.

Catch up 3

Well all those things that i coolected together last week were magnetic…. attraction and repulsion…. an electric motor, a bar magnet, some pieces of magnetic rubber from a refrigerator seal , five little magnetic buttons that I used to fix things to a variety of steel surfaces at school and four little magnetsic balls that keep me amused from time ot time.

There you have it!


3 Responses to “Catching up……….”

  1. Rummuser Says:

    The PITA is a new one to me and I am actually amazed, It makes much better sense to use that to teach children than what is used. It is phonetic and should quickly give a grasp of the language to the child.

    Lovely samples of inane letters and your antipathy to them.

    Ah, magnets! I would have never guessed.

  2. Grannymar Says:

    I hated writing those Thank You letters with a passion!

    In Catch up three I was glad to see I was almost correct on ONE item! 😆

  3. gaelikaa Says:

    That’s great David, well done. Thank you letters would be a lot more fun if you could write what you really wanted.

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