Paranormal experience……

Here is my contribution to this week’s LBC subject.

Seeing the future is the one paranormal experience that I have from time to time and this is one of those times.

I see that at least three of the following; Anu, Ashok, gaelikaa, Ginger, Grannymar, Helen, Judy, Conrad, Maria and Ramana,. will publish their thoughts on the subject of Paranormal Experience.

Yesterday’s post was a bit of a joke really. Please forgive me.

Paranormal is a word that means outside the range of everyday normal experience or scientific explanation.

I once went to a Spiritualist Church, why I was  there doesn’t really matter except that I knew exactly what nonsense I would hear in the nearby Church of England establishment.

It was an interesting experience. There were hymns and prayers and then a visiting medium did her stuff.

She wandered over to someone at the other side of the room and started talking about various things. Suddenly? Because  I heard , “Is there a Jewish connection? I keep getting the name David.” I pricked up my ears and listened some more.

“His father wants to contact him. It’s something about calling him Daddy.”

Sit still David, I told myself, don’t let on.

“Oh. There are plenty more fish in the sea,” she continued.

“No.” replied the victim,  “that’s not me.”

I sat still as the medium walked across the room to the man sitting two rows in front of me.

” I have to tell you everything will be al-right. You are not to worry about your child, everything will be sorted out. Do you have a child who is being bullied at school.”

Keep quiet David.

The medium shook her head and walked away.

Now, I should tell you that my father always found it hard to accept that, even at the age of 20 I found it hard to call him Dad and still called him Daddy. Our eldest son was being bullied at school at that time. As for fish…I’ve never been fishing in the sea in my life.

When I related this to a friend at work she said that I should have spoken out and then I would have learned more.

Was that just coincidence? Or was it paranormal? Or perhaps just normal and we all have the ability to……. no it can’t be….can it?


12 Responses to “Paranormal experience……”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    I think I would have taken the same road as you – staying quiet. I prefer to work my own way through my ‘stuff’!

    You were a right tease with yesterday’s post! 😀

  2. bikehikebabe Says:

    It was coincidence. I’m married to a scientist…

  3. Rummuser Says:

    I would like to be as mystified about this experience as you are. I would not like to get involved with mediums etc to find out about things that do not matter.

  4. gaelikaa Says:

    I’ve heard a lot about spiritualist churches but I’d be rather wary of them. The Bible is quite adamant on the fact that one should not try to make contact with the dead. The Catholic position is that the prayers we say for the dead go to aid them at the moment of their death. We should bring all our concerns before the one eternal God and have faith in Him.

  5. magpie11 Says:

    I don’t take it seriously….. It was a hoot really, especially when they said the Lord’s Prayer………… My uncle, that pillar of the Established Church, well the Anglo Catholic leaning, used to go to Spiritualist Meetings and was conned into marrying one in his dotage. She now has everything that was his……… con artists the lot of them…yes ALL of them!

  6. Ashok Says:

    I am not a big believer when it comes to “mediums”. It could just be a theatrical version of Sherlock Holmes who put intelligent guess work to better use than solving crime 😛

  7. magpie11 Says:

    David, Daddy, bullied child….. not bad guesswork for someone had never met before…and I gave no indication of how “successful” she had been…. we never even made eye contact.

    Perhaps I should go back? It was about 20 years ago!

  8. Maria Says:

    First of all, I laughed and thought that yesterday’s post was delightful. Today’s even more so. Your avoidance and the desire not to bring attention to you, reminds me of why I still sleep with the sheet or a blanket over my head. You see, being raised Catholic and attending Catholic School, I was filled with stories of the Blessed Virgin appearing to children. The movie Song of Bernadette was playing in the theatres and Our Lady of Fatima was a favorite story for the nuns to read to their young students. Well frankly, I felt sorry for those kids and not being one to rock the boat, so to speak, I decided if the BVM was going to appear to me, I wasn’t available. . . . much like you with the medium.
    I doubt if I missed anything, but I think you might have.

    • magpie11 Says:

      Hiding under the sheets….. crumbs those Nuns and Priests have a lot to answer for.

      My real reason for not identifying myself was purely academic…I wanted to see how far she would go….

  9. Ursula Says:

    The medium went fishing and you, Magpie, didn’t take the bait. Which is not particularly charitable of you since she must have gone home a little deflated.

    Considering that ‘David’ is a common name given to children of Jewish decent hers is an all too well known shot in the dark. The Dad/Daddy thing slightly more interesting. My son, despite my always referring to his father as “Papa”, has insisted, from the moment he spoke, on callingl him by his first name. So any medium might be slightly vexed there. Still, as challenges go …

    I can’t remember what came over me but some twenty years ago, on recommendation of a friend of mine, I went to see a clairvoyant. She spooked me – big time. She knew things about me she couldn’t have done even if she had researched the archives. The first thing she said before I had barely sat down that the then most important person in my life had died when I was age 8. She didn’t say seven or nine, she said EIGHT. Spot on. Oddly she herself did look like my grandmother right down to the neatly tied white bun at the back of her head. I could cry. Come to think of it it might explain my attachment and peculiarly strong interest in graveyards and cemetaries.

    When the very same clairvoyant read my tarot cards I was ready to suspend all that I had ever believed in: She described two men of huge influence in my life: My very best friend of decades and, the other, father of my son. To a tee. I know people always say that my face is an open book, easily read (one of the reasons I don’t play poker) but that reading was something else.

    And then there is the tent. I think it was during some fair in Portsmouth when I had my palms read. And this is no joke: The woman doing the reading went pale when looking at one of my lines (I know which one) and refused to elaborate. As assurances go it was brilliant. However, have warned Apple of my Eye that his mother will go mad at some point in the future (which is what it was about). Ah, yes, FUTURE … the holy grail.

    And by the way, Magpie, I have it on good credentials that – in a previous life – I was a gifted, if lonely, man of letters and British descent, fond of ballet.

    If you’ll never speak to me again I will understand.


    • magpie11 Says:

      Ah! But I’m not Jewish. However, I was recently accused of being anti Muslim and anti Arab just because I said that I could understand what the Israelis are about. Even more recently the same (very anti Israel) person asked it am Jewish…there by revealing more about themselves than about me, I felt.

      No-one has ever tried to ell me what I was in a previous life…I have my own thoughts about that however.

      Rest assured I will not abandon you…well not until we have shared that cheese and wine.

  10. Ursula Says:

    PS, Magpie: My first nephew (and godson) was christened David.


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