“Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose”…

Serendipitously, after yesterday’s LBC post subject I have just heard someone on BBC Radio 4 programme (The Music Group) say of the above line from Kristofferson’s song (Janis Joplin, singer) that it gave them cause to think whilst another contributor was driven to condemn Hippydom of the 60s and 70s ( Hippies stole the lost property he was responsible for after an Aldermaston March).

I must say I find it glib.

I was driven to type the first five words into my usual search engine. The number one result was an article by someone called Norma Sherry.

I read the article and  felt a chill travel through my being. I was reading about America but recognised the totalitarianism inherent in New Labour in the U.K.  A totalitarianism I warned my sons of, back in 1997, when Blair and company  were first elected. There is no society in the history of the world as secretive as the British Establishment and all they needed was to have a manipulative group of (supposedly ex- ) Marxists led by a self seeking figurehead and then they would be well away.

The al Qaeda strike against the World Trade Centre was indeed a strike against individual freedom. And not just in America.


2 Responses to “Freedom?”

  1. Rummuser Says:

    David, I sympathize with you. I am a hard core rightist, in economic and philosophical terms, but I refuse to be in political terms. In my world, all politicians irrespective of their ideology are the same, venal, self seeking and vainglorious, with no interest other than their self interest.

  2. Babs Says:

    I remember hearing that song as a child and never understanding that line. I agree that it is glib. It seems the kind of line a lyricist or poet writes and keeps because s/he likes the sound of it..but couldn’t really say what it means on a deeper level.

    Even as a child I was offended by the idea of freedom being somehow connected to possessions and/or something outside of ourselves. I see how these things bind and entangle us, but I like to think that freedom means more than letting go of all that. It’s possible to have nothing left to lose and still feel very unfree!

    I’m a non-religious Arab American, devastated by terrorist attacks. I think it’s possible that they are motivated by revenge. There are always going to be crazies in this world, but I think the ones who carry out this sort of evil seek not to take something from us, but to avenge themselves for something they feel has been taken from them. It’s not rational, I know, but revenge and rage never are.

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