I cannot remember who it was who said it,  but the comment that “Damien Hurst cannot draw his way out of a paper bag.” rings true. David Hockney has  pointed out that great artists have to be great draughtsmen first.

This is certainly true of  the great artists of the renaissance and every other artist up to modern times. I remember being astounded at some of the drawings of Salavador Dali. And Picasso was no slouch with chalk, pen , or pencil, either, even if he did manage to con people with some of his later “works”.

Both of these were also great artists in other fields. Just look at Picasso’s ceramics……………………

Turner, arguably Britain’s greatest artist, was a superb draughtsman from an early age. Among his earliest interests were architectural subjects.Many engravings were made of his drawings and pictures.

Norham Castle: Drawn in 1816....Turner went on to paint at least three pictures of Norham

Norham Castle 1816: Turner went on to paint at least three pictures of this, one of his favourite architectural subjects.

Many years ago I was told a story about a king and his court artist.

The King was having a birthday and decided that his artist should produce a picture to celebrate the great occasion .

The Artist thought and thought about what to draw. He had painted portraits of the King and all his family.

He had painted the King’s favourite pets and courtiers. He had painted everything that he could possibly paint for his master.

Suddenly he had an idea. He fetched a sheet of paper and drew upon it.

When the King saw the results of the artist’s efforts he flew into a rage.

The Artist smiled, offered the king a newly sharpened pencil and asked him to copy the drawing that had annoyed him so much.

A  perfect drawing of a  circle and a perfectly straight line.

The above is a brief  sojourn into the wonderful world of Art, this week’s subject , suggested by Ginger, for the LBC. Visit my colleagues to see what they have to say:

Anu, Ashok, gaelikaa, Ginger, Grannymar, Helen, Judy, Conrad, Maria and Ramana.


3 Responses to “Art….”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    O __________

    See I can do that much! 🙄

  2. Rummuser Says:

    That ceramic piece is lovely. I did not know till now, that Picasso worked on ceramics. I have seen some mosaic work done by him which are truly mind blowing.

    The story is a much cherished one in artist circles!!

  3. gaelikaa Says:

    Lovely post as usual Magpie. I love your take on all our LBC topics…

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