This reminded me of John Lennon and his (terrible) song “Imagine” …Imagine there is no heaven… or hell for that matter.

I do not need to imagine anything about these myths….that is just what they are, myths.

Having got that off my chest let’s look at the idea of hell or not…it’s an intriguing word to look up in the dictionary and it would take just too long to consider fully here.

There is one small definition that appeals: – any place of pain and turmoil.

So where is my hell? I suspect that, like everyone else it lies chiefly in my mind.

Imagine my pain and turmoil I would undergo if I had to go without books, music and the human voice.

My hell would be complete if I lost my power of sight or my power of hearing or both. But even worse would be the loss of my power to express myself.

Sheer hell…not to be able to talk.

Do I hear a sigh or two of pleasure? At the thought of the heavenly quiet without my droning on?

So one person’s hell might just be another’s heaven.


12 Responses to “Hell…..”

  1. Rummuser Says:

    Your take on hell is very diplomatic and palatable. I thoroughly enjoyed the end!

  2. biekhikebabe Says:

    You’re funny! I like your droning on.

    My cousin taught deaf children. They couldn’t understand that she knew when they were acting up, when she had her back to them. They didn’t understand the concept of hearing. She told me she’d rather be blind than deaf. YUCK!

  3. Maria Says:

    Boy, do we agree on the myth part! I was scared out of my wits as a child when the nuns told me to go home and look at the fire in our furnace and that was what hell would be like for eternity.

    I can’t imagine that you would ever consider that anyone would find heaven in your silence. Now that I think of it, my husband would probably like it if I didn’t drone on and on. LOL

  4. Conrad Says:

    The Hell you say!

    I always like Sartre’s conclusion that Hell is other people, LOL. I totally agree with your last perspective thoroughly, that it truly is a matter of individual perspective.

  5. Magpie11 Says:

    I decided to avoid Sartre… the Cathars apparently believed that this life is hell for some other existence. Whether that is true (that they believed that) or not I don’t know.

    It might explain a lot!

  6. Magpie11 Says:

    About the Cathars…Known as Albigenses by Catholics and their beliefs as the Albigensian Heresy… there is one popular song in which this heresy” is mentioned….has any one any ideas which song it is?

  7. gaelikaa Says:

    Sure when the Cathars were around there were no Catholics either. Western Christianity was all one Universal Church, was it not? ‘Tis only since the Reformation that these Catholic/Protestant labels have been going around.

    Dunno which song, Magpie. Tell us?

  8. Magpie11 Says:

    No, the Roman Church conducted what amounted to a genocide against the Cathars because they were very successful at “converting” Catholics to their ideas. They also formed the first Inquisition against them.
    Apparently Cathar ideas were of interest to the early Protestants.
    Modern research (apparently) suggests that they were the remnants of the earliest “church”.

    The song is in praise of St Dominic, founder of the Dominicans and one of the scourges of the Cathars!

    Dominique by The Singing Nun!

  9. gaelikaa Says:

    Yeah! And look what happened to the singing nun!

    I accept your point that the institutional Church fell into grave error did some dreadful things in the name of God. But in the Cathars time was somewhat earlier than the Reformation.

    Institutions are always prey to corruption. Haven’t we seen it in our own time?

    I’ll check out Cathar belief when I get the time. You’ve awakened my interest.

  10. Grannymar Says:

    Here I come on the late train…

    Drone on as long as you want, I like to listen and you have a way of informing and teaching without our realising it.

    I have been in hell and in heaven in this life, from now one I choose to see life in a heavenly light.

  11. Magpie11 Says:


    I was just passing on bits that I have been told and heard about the Cathars. The little I know would appear to fit in with some of the probable beliefs and practices of some of the early Jesus people… before and concurrent with the Christ movements that were to fascinate Paul so much.

    As for the other New testament writers…who all seem to have come after Paul and seem to contradict each other …. it all makes for fascinating study.

    Off to find more about the Cathars. They were in Languedoc and as a result of the persecution of them it seems that French was never the same again. I think the language in that area was Occitane and was very popular in courtly circles… Oh and yes there is some evidence that the troubadour tradition suffered at the same time.

  12. bikehikebabe Says:

    This discussion about religion makes me know I have a lot to learn. My husband took a Religion course & never forgets anything, so I’ll ask him to explain.

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