Unseen nuances……………

I have been pondering…I do that sometimes you know, just ponder, abstractly, and sometimes ideas come into my head. At times the ideas are like rude, unwelcome guests. They don’t knock first and wait to be invited in, they just wander in  and then they are the very devil to get rid of. Other times the ideas hang around outside, obviously wanting to be invited in and to be considered. Other ideas flit in like flies through the window and buzz around until I can squash them. And …so on.

As a result of the latest bout of pondering, sounds like some sort of pugilism doesn’t it, (Mm. Where does the ? go?), has given rise to thinking about the draw backs of using the internet to communicate so much.

E mails, Face book, Twitter, Blogging…all sorts of communications are committed to the ether, or committed on the ether, and they all lack something. Because of their very personal and  casual nature they often lack care in composition. They are conversational in nature and  curtailed in size and thus the nuances that are possible in  written English are often lacking. But the nuances of conversational English are also lacking.

What sort of conversational  nuances are missing: nuances of pitch, tone, emphasis and the subtle nuances offered by visual communication during conversation.

Consequences? Misunderstanding perhaps? Or the loss of these skills of communication?

What do people think?


6 Responses to “Unseen nuances……………”

  1. bikehikebabe Says:

    You can emphasize LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Problem is that it’s hard to be subtle. So people are often offended, because there is no pitch, tone, softness of voice & eyes.

    You can do a smiley face. LOLs don’t work unless you are kidding, but that’s like telling a joke & saying– Now laugh out loud.

  2. bikehikebabe Says:

    Yes, THIS IS SHOUTING!!!!!!!!!!!! How about this? This is Better!

  3. Ursula Says:

    Magpie, could kick myself that I missed this, your post, two days ago. Have to do some ‘menial’ (not that I mind) tasks now and, since brain left unoccupied whilst doing so, shall too ponder on that most interesting subject – so dear to my despairing heart – you raised.

    Will report back on findings later.


  4. Rummuser Says:

    Magpie, do people think at all any more?

    Today, life is like the Nintendo game. Act first and think later. Our children are growing up in that conditioning.

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