What it’s all about?

Several years ago I used to go along to the Hale End Folk Club. One of the members was a poetess who from time to time started her poems with the phrase “My old ma..”. One evening I decided to react to this and penned the following. This was back in 2001.

My Old Pa

My old pa wasn’t all that old,

Just 55 years when he died.

Well, you know those things

That fathers are supposed to tell their sons?

He never did.

Except for once,

When I was a callow youth of twenty long summers,

I told him that I was in Love.

He paused and called me “A bloody young fool”

Then said,

” You need to find a good married woman to teach you what it’s all about!”

All this at the top of his voice.

Well, here I am, coming up to fifty-five

And I find myself wondering ,

Did he really know what it was all about?

‘Cos I sure as heck don’t.


3 Responses to “What it’s all about?”

  1. Ursula Says:

    Magpie, your last two lines so sweet (forgive the candy) made me smile big time.

    No one knows what it’s all about – and those who smuggly claim they do are deceiving themselves. Just as do those (reference to last Friday’s subject) who protest to have no doubts and no regrets.

    To paraphrase Alexander Pope ” To doubt is human, to have regrets is to be expected”.

    Since the days of dawn we have tried to find an answer to the most mind blowing of questions of all: What’s it all about? There isn’t one. And if there were, legions of philosophers would have had nothing to agonize over.

    Considering that it is the most amazing coincidence (by accident as it were) that each one of us – alive and dead – has/had a chance to both marvel and sometimes despair at the world I am just grateful that my existence came about at all. Can’t say I am looking forward to the end. But that’s part of the deal.


  2. Magpie11 Says:

    Well I looked that out as a response to last Friday.

    I didn’t actually read out the piece at the club but someone copied it and presented the othe poet with the copy. It was greeted with a grin!

    I’m not worried about the end as that it is what it will be, but I want to go painlessly and without needles!

    I never made any deal about tis life… and my own kids the same. Pity really.

  3. Rummuser Says:

    I am sixty seven and I don’t either!

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