I cannot stand his voice……..

I cannot stand Sinatra’s voice.To my ear it never sounds musical and effortless like so many “crooners”. Oh yes, he can phrase words really quite well but that voice just grates on my ears.

“What on Earth Brought this on?” you might ask.

Well, as part of the on-going saga of The Loose Bloggers’ Consortium,whose members include, Anu, Ashok, gaelikaa, Ginger, Grannymar, Helen, Judy, Conrad, Maria and Ramana,

someone suggested the topic Doubts and Regrets.

I expect you can see my chain of thought? “Regrets, I’ve had a few but then again, too few to mention. “...then Sinatra.

So, we have established that I cannot stand his voice. There’s little more to say.

My father once told me a story about Sinatra and Crosby (now that is a voice I like). Sometime, back in the 1940s I suppose  it was,a commercial radio station ran a competition between the two. Listeners would write to the station and request a record by one or other of the stars. This went well for some time until one listener wrote in this vein: “I am a Bing Crosby fan but I have to ask you to play a record by Francis Sinatra. In explanation, let me just say that Mr Sinatra has the money and connections to  employ the best musicians and arrangers to back his dubious vocals. I love listening to those arrangements.” My parents were both Crosby fans.

Doubts and Regrets of mine own?

My life is full of doubts. Ask anyone who knows me. It’s part of my nature, either formed or reinforced in childhood by teachers, parents and siblings. That’s enough of that. There are certainties in my life but that is not the subject today. And I have just managed not to slip into a Rumsfeld moment there.

Regrets? Of course I have regrets, n a few that I cannot speak of but there are some I might mention.

I cannot sing. In spite of having a powerful speaking voice that, when raised fully, has been known to  cut across 300 screaming, stomping, cheering schoolchildren and stop them in their tracks, I cannot sing.

I cannot play an instrument. The whole idea was alien to me in my childhood. My mother told me, later in life, that she was not going to have her children go through what she had to as a child. How come my sister was allowed to play the recorder then? Mind you I did ask for a recorder later on and regret using it as a swash buckler’s sword. “En Garde!” I shouted at my reflection in the mirror. The mouth piece flew off and smashed the mirror, as well as itself. I went back to school with a black eye, delivered by my mother. I had a few lessons from Mr “Gutty” Baker, he who cough-coughed whilst hitching his trousers, before Mr”Garth” Hobday removed the recorder( I should say stole the recorder) from “The Music Room” attached to our Common Room. I was not registered as having music lessons so should not have used said room to practice. The staff wondered why I was at war with them.

I have since tried to learn the guitar but just didn’t have the “Stickability” or drive engendered of passion that is needed.

That is probably my greatest regret, that lack of drive, self confidence, self belief or perhaps arrogance to really do anything to the very best. I have just been content to do things that come naturally and if they don’t come naturally…I don’t do them.

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6 Responses to “I cannot stand his voice……..”

  1. Rummuser Says:

    Magpie, your start destroyed my hopes for a grand finale! You will find your bette noire at the end of my post on the same subject. I just loved that man, his voice, the lyrics of his songs and his rat pack.

    You, for all the negatives that you have written about are a better man than many that I know Magpie. I am not saying that to score Brownie Points with you but in all sincerity. I have no DOUBTS whatsoever that you will not REGRET asserting your allergy to FS!

  2. Grannymar Says:

    You may feel you lack a sense of drive, self confidence, self belief, but it has never stopped you encouraging those gifts in your students. The fact that you are in contact with many to this day is testament to that!

  3. Magpie11 Says:

    As I said, it’s the voice. He had some really great material and in spite of my dislike I do have at least one LP on the shelves.

    Apparently Bing, when doing a recording, was urged by his record producer (don’t think they were actually called producers in those days) to pay more attention to the meaning of the words: He replied in tis vein, “I’m not Sinatra. If you wanted words you should have got Sinatra.”

    I never thought to listen to the way he handles words until I was in the 2nd Hand Record Shop
    and got into conversation with a professional singer of my acquaintance…he was raving about Sinatra and I demurred. Stunned silence and the conversation continued with an explanation as to why he is great. Not so much the voice but the handling of words and the timing.

  4. Conrad Says:

    Magpie, I never have minded Sinatra’s voice and know that he has marvelous qualities as a singer that those in the know appreciate – things like breath control. It is as a man and what I have read of his activities that I dislike him.

    Reading your part about regretting never doing anything to the best. Have you lived with passion, though? Is there no magnificent obsession that has grabbed you? Just because it comes naturally doesn’t mean there is no passion and drive behind it.

  5. Judy Harper Says:

    I am so glad to know that when it comes to being with someone whose also not musically gifted, I’m in good company. I have to say I’m a bigger fan of Tony Bennett and Dean Martin than either Crosby or Sinatra. Then throw in Sammy Davis, Jr! What a mix-Tony, Dean and Sammy! I have a big regret there-trying to find their records today! Good post!

  6. gaelikaa Says:

    You have done some things amazingly well. I don’t think that there should be any regret on our side, nor doubt.

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