The Moon will not fall from the sky…a question of Faith?

Why do we have faith that the moon will not fall from the sky?

Faith…a word bandied around, like leaves in autumn, by the religious. Faith is what a religious person says s/he has in the supernatural. So often contrary to experience in the world. What faith can the people of  Haiti have in an all powerful and beneficent supernatural being after what happened on Tuesday?

Faith is a misunderstood trait of character, of personality. Contrary to the religious aspect faith is a concept that is bound up in the practices  of everyday life, of our duties. When we wake in the morning and prepare for our day, we have faith that all is well. When we prepare breakfast, we have faith that our milk is fresh or our cooker wil work properly or our toaster will not burn the toast. As we set out on our daily round we have faith that we are still needed or that we will have what we need. And on retiring to bed we have Faith that we will wake to see the morning. All this because our experiences tell us thta it will be so. We have evidence.

As I look around me I see people of talent and dedication who work to make my life , and the lives of the rest of us, tolerable, even successful. There are politicians, business people, Doctors, nurses, educators, street cleaners, road hauliers all dedicated in varying degree to making our lives tolerable and help them run smoothly. I have Faith in these people. I have Faith that they  will be there.

Oh, I know that we may lose faith in our politicians and the system but we maintain our faith in the mass of people. In this faith perhaps there is more to be found. Perhaps, with our Faith in each others and ourselves, even challenging situations can be seen as opportunities? Perhaps our response to negative and fear instilling events can be see them as  positive opportunities?

Faith causes people with vision and people with ideas to work towards a positive future. Perhaps with faith we can even find something good in Tesco’s plans for our locality, though that may stretch even my Faith to breaking point.

Faith sees our glass half full and  excites us at our prospects for the day, the week, the month, the year…we survive by faith built upon reality, experience, evidence and probability, on evidence.

Some of us build a crutch of Faith in the unseen, the un-seeable, and that on no evidence whatsoever. That Faith I cannot understand and cannot take part in. The evidence shows me that my parents, teachers and a variety of preachers all lied to me.

This is my small contribution to this week’s Loose Bloggers Consortium set of posts on the topic of Faith. The other members of the consortium are:Ashok, Conrad, Gaelikaa, Helen, JudyMaria, Ramana , Anu ,  &   Ginger Haag .

Please visit them for greater enlightenment…I just hope I have remembered  them all.


14 Responses to “The Moon will not fall from the sky…a question of Faith?”

  1. gaelikaa Says:

    You’ve given me something to think about. I’ll be thinking over this one for a while……

    The truth is, we wouldn’t get through the day without faith.

  2. Conrad Says:

    Each of us arrives at our perspective on life through such a myriad of personal influences that there is probably no answer any can give another in this area.

    In whatever path you have followed, I could count on you to be an ethical and honest man in your dealings with me. I could trust you to be fair. I feel I could share concern about my fellow man and the creatures around me. That is enough.

  3. magpie11 Says:

    Conrad…you mean that you have faith in all that? On what evidence?

  4. Judy Harper Says:

    I regret the influence people from your past have had on your faith. I wish people could see how their closed mind take on things affects others. My mother is such a person, you either believe her way or it’s hell. I have been able to work around her and come up with my own answers, experiences, insights and understanding and kept my faith in God. You do give me a totally different perspective, it really makes me stop and think ,even question, so that I will listen and not take events in my life for granted. But then, isn’t that what Faith is about?

  5. Magpie11 Says:

    Judy, I believed everything I was told… that’s what you do as a child..until the age of 17 I saw no reason to question anything about Christianity and God. I really had faith and belief. Then my Grandmother died. She died horribly of cancer and, I found out later, after 13 years of constant pain. One of God’s most faithful servants and He made her suffer.
    I started to ask real questions then.

  6. Conrad Says:

    David, your pain is so tangible. The picture starts to come into greater focus.

  7. Conrad Says:

    David, I believe those things about you, that you would be ethical, blah, blah, blah, from the interactions I have had with you and what I’ve seen on your blog. Admittedly, you could still be Snidely Whiplash, but I need to start from somewhere and I CHOOSE to believe those things based on a gestalt perception.

    Doesn’t mean I would not verify if we entered into a social contract.

  8. Grannymar Says:

    That is where I ran into problems – faith and religion being wrapped in the same package all through my young life.

    I made six different attempts to write on this subject before abandoning it to humour.

  9. Ursula Says:

    Amen to that, Magpie.

    However: Toast will be burnt. To ascertain whether the milk is still fresh just sniff it. When waking up in the morning I am dead grateful since I know how unreliable life is.

    And, oh yes, I am FAITHful to all the people in my life: Family, friends, foes and fakes.


  10. Marianna Says:

    I think it’s fitting that in my rounds of the LBC, I’ve come calling to your “home” first.

    Evidence. Many of us need proof to validate what we believe. And, therein lies the “rub” – we look for proof to make ourselves right. My second last post, Deletion and Distortion is all about that.

    I like what you’ve said about having faith in all the people who work to make this world of ours work.

  11. Maria Says:

    The Church abandoned me at the very time I needed it most. That was when I realized how blind I was to truth. I believe you have found faith in many people and in many ways. People, even the best, can disappoint us. Would this mean a loss of faith or just a loss of faith in that one individual? There is great value in having faith in oneself and one’s abilities. Perhaps, that comes under the category of confidence, or belief.

    Oh dear, I feel as though I am rambling. It is late and my thoughts are becoming fuzzy.

  12. Rummuser Says:

    Magpie, I have been the route of faith, doubt, atheism, theism and finally landed up at acceptance of Karma. I can find no other logical explanation for many of the things that happen to each and all of us.

  13. Cheerful Monk Says:

    In high school I was taken with the Hindu idea of “Play your part well and let go of the results.” That made sense to me because I have a tragic view of life. So my aim in life was figuring out how to keep myself motivated without necessarily expecting “good” results. It’s been a fascinating adventure.

  14. Ginger Says:

    I adore the idea that our faith is almost an unconscious reaction or expectation. I suppose that nothing is a sure thing, though.

    I hope all people examine their belief systems thoroughly. There is such benefit that comes from questioning.

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