And and and and and and?

In writing out her sentence, Mary left too much space between and and and and and and and.

Does that make sense to you?


3 Responses to “And and and and and and?”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    No! But you will tell me. 😉

  2. Ursula Says:

    Magpie, it depends on which Mary we are talking about.

    “And” usually leads to more magpies, mayhem and mischief.

    AND yes, I love alliteration as long as it’s not contrived.


  3. magpie11 Says:

    Well, I had this from a colleague, a Deputy Headteacher named Vernon Boyce (a good man), who reckoned that he could use the word ‘and’ five times in a row and the sentence would be grammatically correct. He then discovered that he could use seven ‘ands’.

    Take the first three ‘ands’ as a group, “and and and”, and then the last three, “and and and”,. If you wrote them down you might indeed leave too much space between each group. i.e between “and and and” and “and and and”.

    Of course we might become really silly and replace each ‘and’ at the beginning and end of each group with “and and and “….

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