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My father’s ancestors came from Great Yarmouth in the county of Norfolk, England. he earliest ancestor we have records for is one John Mills b. about 1761 and who married an Ann Read in July 1785. A later William Mills married a Lavinia Woods from Gorlestone. I have been told that the Woods family built half of the houses in Gorlestone

Another story is that my great grandfather was involved in an action to regain some family land in Ireland but was “warned off”…mm! Maybe John did come from Ireland.

This last weekend I acquired a few post cards from Norfolk;

Here is one from Yarmouth showing the type of house that some of my ancestors inhabited:


A Yramouth Row

The Yarmouth rows were unique and were built on a medieval strest pattern. They were part of the inspiration for Dickens in the writing of David Copperfield. Theyw ere virtually destroyed courtesy of Mr Hitler's bombers in 1942 and the planners since!


Yarmouth Rows no 1

Yarmouth Rows no 2

Yarmouth Rows no 3


At the age of about six years I lived in the Village of Aylmerton in North Norfolk. I rememeber that we lived  in a cottage very near to or opposite the Smithy. I rememeber the horses being shod( there were still a few farms using horses to draw wagons and maybe even ploughs. I also remember the clouds of steam when the smith retired a wheel froma cart.

North of Almerton is Cromer, famous for Henry Blogg, Lifeboat Man, and Cromer Crabs…. the best in England if not the world, we used to walk from Aylmerton to Cromer through a beautys pot known as The Lion’s Mouth…very few links here…

Lion's Mouth

The Lion's Mouth...not that I remember any ponies and traps!

And here are some of those Cromer Fishermen:

Cromer Fisher Men

and one of those famous, sweet,succulent Cromer Crabs



2 Responses to “Home County”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    I find that all fascinating. I love finding information about my ancestors.

    Now what time will you be serving those crabs?

  2. maureen Says:

    I can’t imagine living in such close proximity to the neighbours…..one step out your door, and boom, you’re on their doorstep.

    It’s so interesting to search back into the family tree, isn’t it? Love those old pictures.

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