British Broadcasting Corporation

In my previous post I referred you to the BBC iPlayer…. This is a world leader in Internet Broadcast Technology devloped by the BBC and adds to the already major Web Presence of the Corporation.

The BBC is under attack at the moment…Ausralo-American newspaper magnates are whining, politician of all sides are accusing the Beeb of bias (they must have it right then), other broadcasters are moaning because the BBC has a guaranteed income (the licence fee) some are complaining that the BBC web presence is damaging others and so it goes on.

This is the greatest public service broadcaster in the world and as such I believe that the public in Britain should pay for it and that it should be free to undertake commercial activity. What use is made of any profits is a debatable point but the essential service provided for the British public should remain and any spin off put to further use.

There is an interesting alliance of anti BBC bias in existence. There are those who bemoan a perceived commercial advantage of a guaranteed income in the form of the licence fee. There are those who would tear down every aspect of our modern society simple because “They are in charge”. This latter grouping would destroy the BBC because it doesn’t broadcast what they want to hear and what they believe. They are the extremists of the left and self styled Anarchists. if we add in the extreme right who want the BBC to reflect only their racist views then we have a wonderful cocktail.

All this suggests that,  on the whole, the British Broadcasting Corporation have got most things right. It is a public service and as such must be paid for.

Some things do need improving and some, perhaps, should be changed but for my money the whiners should keep their hands off.


One Response to “British Broadcasting Corporation”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    I must admit I like my BBC Radio, especially the World service through the night.

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