Collection and Collecting ….. Part The First…

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Collecting…what a topic for a Magpie. As I have mentioned elsewhere I was always a hoarder of this and that. My brain is full of useless information absorbed since the earliest days. More a vacuum cleaner that a collector in that respect…or maybe a sponge. (First Vacuum cleaner invented 1868 in Chicago).

One of my favourite forms of collecting is of quotations. However, as much as I search, books or the internet I can find no quotations about Collecting, I did find the following:

All science is either physics or stamp collecting. -E. Rutherford.

Seeing this reminded me that true collectors probably have a tendency towards organisation and order…. that’s not me… so perhaps I’m an acquirer, that’s all.

Well one of my areas of acquisition is Recorded Music. Even now, 27 years since the introduction of Compact Disc and the erroneous promise of “Perfect sound for all time” or some such guff, the round flat black disc invented by Emil Berliner is still being manufactured and providing wonderful sounds…. Young people are increasingly finding that the analogue method of music and sound reproduction more satisfying than digital methods. There is a larger variety of players and cartridges available than ever before and improvements are being made all the time.

This brings me to the other part of this collection….the players themselves …I am the proud owner of at least twelve..ranign from the classic Thorens TD124 and Garrards (401 and 301) with SME Tone arms to a Rega Planar 2 and a Bang and Olufsen 1100.

Not all of these are in a state to be used, but one day, yes, one day…..

Some of the Players with an old Hitachi Tuner and a Windsor Zither Banjo, also in need of refurbishment.

Some of the Players with an old Hitachi Tuner and a Windsor Zither Banjo, also in need of refurbishment.

Really interested? Then The Vinyl Engine site is for you…

Here is the reason for all of this…..

There are piles on the floor and some shellac in the loft.

There are piles on the floor and some shellac in the loft.

When I retired I was asked what I was going to do. “Listen to my records and read my books”, I said. Then I was distracted byt this…the Internet.

What am I missing?

record 1

record 7record 2Record 10

Just a few samples > And below, a Marvellous repressing fr0m Speakers Corner in Germany.

record 4


13 Responses to “Collection and Collecting ….. Part The First…”

  1. gaelikaa Says:

    Well, Magpie, another great post. I miss the old black records too, and singles, but digital technology is handy in a way. MP3 players are great, better than CDs for sure!

  2. Judy Harper Says:

    Too wonderful, your record collection! I do love jazz! You have a great post. I so enjoyed reading it.

  3. Grannymar Says:

    Magpie, you are a sponge for information! I half expected music to feature, but what about the dancing?

    I love the way you gently weave one item into the other so seamlessly.

  4. Annb Says:

    Wow haven’t seen that much vinyl in one place since they closed Claddagh records, it just looks so beautiful. Isn’t the acronym LP so much more sonorous than CD? Lovely post thanks.

  5. magpie11 Says:

    Although I own a C D player now it was years before I bought one as I found that i got headaches listening to CDs…what I find ridiculous is that the original format (The Red Book: See was nor=t enough and the playback of these things is improving all the time. There have been improved Digital sources (DVD-A, SACD) that have not been taken up and the infuriatingly poor mp3 player has taken over. But even with this format improvements in playback are possible…if you can afford them.
    Having ranted about all that the important thing is the music and none of them match up to a real live performance by skilled musicians.

    Judy…what amazed me when I randomly hauled out records to photograph was that there was so little Jazz and Blues and no Sibelius…I didn’t use all the pictures I took so the Folk got missed off.

    It’s a small collection compared with some I’ve seen. There is a huge market out there for 2nd hand vinyl…and some silly prices asked and paid….

  6. gaelikaa Says:

    Hello dear Magpie,

    It was so nice that you visited my blog and commented. I was delighted to have your visit – and of course, you can copy and paste as you wish. Between consortium members all is well. I found your post quite a thorough one, myself, and intend to have a second look!

  7. Maureen Says:

    What an amazing number of albums. Our son, who was born after the advent of CD’s, has taken quite an interest in LP’s. At his current rate of aquisitions (from our basement as well as old record shops), he may well rival your collection some day.

  8. Marianna Says:

    What I want to know is what you did with your collection of teaching materials? 🙂

  9. magpie11 Says:

    Maureen, How’s the Beagle? For a mad moment I had the idea that I could send your son a Classic Garrard 401 (tell him to Google it) but then I remembered where you are!

    As for teaching materials…it’s not really 37 years worth as we had a fire at School back in 1996…arson…I lost a huge number of books and papers. What I ended up with goes in various directions…colleagues who I think could use them or the bin. I had an efficient filing system in the old days. It was called SOTFAMOSTWPB…stick it over there for a month or so then waste paper basket…I’m just continuing what I used to do with Government and Headteacher generated paper.
    I once told an Inspector that I was not a failing teacher I was a “Failing Filing Clerk”…she laughed and said she understood.

  10. Rummuser Says:

    I had gone to Gaelikaa’s post before I came here and commented whether our own Magpie 11 will say something about collecting shining things. Now I feel like kicking myself.

    Great post here Magpie. My pre retirement days collections of LPs, EPs, 78RPM discs etc along with a Wharfdale turntable were all gifted away just a while ago to a collector who thought Ranjan and I were daft to part with them. After reading your post, I feel like kicking myself again for not including that piece of information on my post.

  11. Maureen Says:

    After looking up info on the Garrard, I’m almost afraid to mention it to him, for fear he’ll hook onto something else to spend his hard earned cash on 😉

    I never realized there was so much interest in vinyl and the equipment to play it on. Amazing!

  12. Maria Says:

    I do not dare show this post to my husband since I gently persuaded him to part with his vinyl reoords and old tapes. The problem we have is a lack ofspace to store things.

    I know what it is like to collect things in teaching and certainly could identify with papers generated by government and head teachers.

    I have one large box of some papers and educational units that I simply couldn’t part with at retirement time. Truth is, I have never looked at them in the nine years since I left the classroom.

  13. Magpie11 Says:

    Has he still got the record deck? What was it?..etc etc…

    There is one piece of teaching material I treasure…It will appear as a post at some time I expect.

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