Lady Magpie ended up laughing helplessly at me last evening. I made an error in spelling…Dodshun should be Dodgson….I can only say that at school we had a Charles Dodgshun (‘photo can be seen here:…..)

The reason for the hilarity was that on Googling Charles Dodshun only one result showed…From the Magpie’s Nest!         Fame at last!

I apologise unreservedly.

Whilst walking through the metropolis (aka London) today Lady M suggested we stride out and I demured suggesting that we stroll. This reminded me of an old joke which she says fits in well with the topic of Speed. Prepare yourselves for one of the few jokes my father ever told me.

The farmer had let his two bulls out into the field one morning in spring. The two fellows, one a little long in the tooth and the other having his first taste of fresh grass and comparative freedom, made their way across the field , stopping to taste the sweet fresh grass along the way.

At the other side of the field thay paused for a look around and were taken by the wonderful view over the hedge. The young bull mused about how he couldn’t wait to get into the next field because the grass looked so inviting. The old boy assured him that this would happen all in good time.

Our heroes’ attention was interrupted by the sound of the gate at the other side of the field. They turned and looked. What a sight met their eyes. There at the far end of the field they saw at least a dozen beautiful young heifers.

The young bull was beside himself. He pawed the ground, shook his head and said,”Hey old man, let’s dash over there and grab us a couple of girls.”

” No!” replied the old boy, “Let’s stroll down there and grab the lot.”

Who said the Speed is of the essence? They were wrong… the right speed is of the essence.


4 Responses to “Correctio……Correction”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    What was that song about Fools rushing in? I think I agree.

  2. Rummuser Says:

    Now you know why I chose my mode of transport!

  3. Conrad Says:

    I guess that gives the lie to “Bulling ahead!” LOL

    My father has never told me many jokes, either – but he has a fantastic sense of humor! Just doesn’t tell jokes. Hope your dad was the same.

    But, what worries me is Ramana’s comment. Look out India…

  4. Magpie11 Says:

    My Uncle (father’s brother who was brought up separately…long sad story)
    used to sit watching TV in his old age and watch the credits rolling past. Whenever he saw the name Mills he would turn to his wife and say, “I told you my father had a bike.”

    Father’s sense of humour was there, beneath all the anger and hurt, and was exercised by BBC Radio Programmes …… and one or two of his beloved 78 rpm records played on a wind up gramophone… one title in particular remains …. Six Women by Ukelele Ike

    I didn’t realise it was from a film!!

    I think that would make a good title for an autobiography!

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