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This week’s topic has caused me sveral sleepless episodes. What to write? What approach to take? could I write a murder story in 550 words only? Well here we go!

Back to roots. Back to the beginning of it all. Back to Raymond Dart and his theory of the Killer Ape as developed by Robert Ardrey in his 1961 book, African Genesis. Dart and Ardrey posited that human evolution was driven by interpersonal killing. The theory is complex and for me suffers from one major flaw. Man did not evolve from Ape but Ape and man more likely evolved from a common root. And man is not the only primate which commits murder.

It was at this point that I remembered Cain and Abel. In the Bible, Toprah and Q’uran Cain is portrayed as the first murderer. The first of millions. His Motive/ Jealousy? Of his brother’s beasts? Of God’s acceptance of Abel’s sacrifice? No matter.  Cain killed his brother and God made a law against murder and banished red haired Cain to wonder the world. I every belief system the taking of another, human life, is seen a “sinful”.

Back in Southern Africa it seems that our ancestors may well have killed each other, along with other animals that they hunted for food. And today our cousins, the Chimpanzees, and our more distant cousins the baboons and other monkeys, hunt other animals to eat and kill members of their own species.

It seems that murder is in our very nature and yet we see it as wrong.

Is this another step in evolution? Perhaps there is yet hope for the world?


7 Responses to “Murder….”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    I like the way you brought us back to Hope!

  2. Conrad Says:

    Hmmm… I like that last little bit. Conscience as part of our evolutionary development.

    It reminds me a little of Robert Mitchum with LOVE on the knuckles of one hand and HATE on the knuckles of the other … and the struggle he represented so beautifully. This evokes similar musings in me.

  3. Magpie11 Says:

    I actually believe that the thing we call spirituality is also part of our evolution. Perhaps an accidental result of something else in our evolution?

    When we were “doing” evolution aas part of our Biology course at teacher training college we went on a field trip to the “Jurassic Coast” : ( ). We went to visit a land slip near All Hallows School IIRC. We sat looking out to sea on a beautiful early summer’s day.
    “Isn’t this wonderful?” I exclaimed.
    “Explain that in terms of evolution,” commented Dr. E R A Turner our tutor.

    I’ve been trying ever since.

  4. Rummuser Says:

    Beautifully put, particularly with that response about spiritualism also being part of evolution. Yes, let me give you one small answer. Wonderful could also be said to be full of wonder.

  5. Marianna Says:

    Reading the comments, I’m reminding of the duality of life. Hot – Cold. Good – Bad. Happiness – Sadness. Life – Death.

    How do we appreciate the positives without having something with which to compare it?

  6. magpie11 Says:


    Isn’t it interesting how we have developed these ideas of positives and negatives?

    Could we have done it without the evolution of language, I wonder?

  7. Ashok Says:

    It is part of human history and to a degree man’s want of resources as well as his need for society present a predicament of sorts, which justifies this killer ape theory. But then given that our super ego defines such acts as wrong, we are atleast attempting to shake this feeling off. Lets see 🙂

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