Summer surprise

My gardening includes an approach which says: “Plant it and see.”

This means that if something survives then, Good, if not then, Never mind.

From time to time I have been given cacti which spend their winters on a shelf in the south facing kitchen window and without a drop to drink. Spring brings an end to their thirst and summer sees them outside in the garden.

From time to time they reward me with flowers:

Cactus flower


5 Responses to “Summer surprise”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    I always like cacti

  2. rummuser Says:

    Magpie, I have a variety of cactus in our garden which too flowers and it is the most beautiful flower in the garden. When it blooms again, I shall post about it.

    In India, flowers surrounded by thorns like roses and cacti are poetically compared to ladies surrounded by protective barriers! In a twist to that tradition, I am now compared to a rose being protected by my friends in the park from predatory widows!

    Grannymar, are you reading this?

  3. bikehikebabe Says:

    Grannymar was explaining magpie 11- what the 11 meant. Somehow by association I thought you were Irish. We have lots of (outside) cacti here. New Mexico US (No, we’re not Mexicans.)

    What state, country do you live in? No, we will not track you down to do you harm.

  4. magpie11 Says:

    Not Irish…tho’ my father’s brother, whom he did not meet until after WWII (along story of grandmothers who did not marry a grandfather and ….too long) Uncle Walter said that his grandfather (paternal) had some sort of document with an Elizabethan seal on it which was stolen (looted ) during the Floods of 1953 and that he was at one time in the process of claiming some land in Ireland but was warned off……. perhaps our Millses came from the Emerald Isle.

    If you trawl back through these posts you’ll fine the explanation.

    New Mexico…I know you’re not Mexican my ex brother in law is a Texan Mexican… I do know that there is some fantastic music from New Mexico… We had some visitors at our folk club years back….

    You also have snakes…which I loathe

  5. Grannymar Says:

    @Ramana – I am taking note! 😉

    @Magpie – them Irish are a rum lot, I’d have nothing to do with them! 😆

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