The Sweetest Meat

The Devil was desperate to get into Paradise and so he asked the Snake for help.

“Of course I’ll help,” hissed the Snake,”But…in return I you must promise to tell me what is the sweetest meat so that I and my children may feed in luxury for ever more.”

“Done!” said the Devil.

“Well,” hissed the Snake (he was fond of hissing you know),” I will lower my fang and you can hide behind it and I will take you into Paradise.”

And that is what they did.

Once in paradise the Devil skipped out from behind the Snake’s fang and stretched, breathing in the fresh air and the Snake demanded, with a hiss, his reward.

The Devil was unable to tell the Snake what he wanted to know but he said he knew a man who did and he called down the Mosquito. (Al lright I know that Mosquitoes aren’t men, some of them are women), Now the Mosquito was a woman mosquito as these are the ones who feed on blood.

The Devil explained his problem and the Mosquito agreed to help.

“This is just the sort of job I like.” she said,”I need lots of blood to be able to feed my eggs before I lay them. It’ll be a pleasure.”

And off she flew.

Time passed and the mosquito flew from creature to creature sampling the blood of each one. Some she enjoyed and some she spat out on disgust. Eventually she came across Adam and Eve.

She was delighted with what she tasted. This blood was the best she had ever supped. This was the one. And off she flew to find the Devil and the Snake.

Now, all this had been observed by the Swallow and she became very upset. After all, did not these humans allow her to build her nest in their caves and houses?

Did not their children and her children share the same shelters. Did not the children of the Humans play beneath her her nest and guard it well from Predators?

The Swallow decided to do something about the forthcoming disaster. She hatched Plan.

Off she flew in pursuit of the Mosquito. She caught her and deftly removed her voice. The only noise the Mosquito could now make was a high pitched, and frankly annoying, buzz. The Swallow let the Mosquito go and followed her.

Eventually the mosquito settled on the devil’s arm and announce her presence by….biting him!

“Well, tell me. What is the sweetest meat?” snarled the Devil. ”

“Yessssssss! do tell. Pleassssssse!” hissed the Snake.

“Zzzzzzzz! Zzz! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!” whined the mosquito in her new, and frankly annoying, high pitched buzz.

“What?” chorused the Devil and the Snake.

“Zzzzzzzz! Zzz! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!” repeated the Mosquito in her new, and frankly annoying, high pitched buzz.

At this point the Swallow intervened.

” I understand what the Mosquito is saying,” she told the devil and the Snake,” She is saying that the sweetest of all meats, the meat that makes her mouth water is that of the Frog.”

And so it is  that snakes still feed on frogs to this very day,

And the mosquito? What of her?

Well she alone knows that the sweetest meat is that of humans and their children and so she still feasts on our blood .

I do not recall when I first heard this story told, nor where it comes from but it amuses me.


4 Responses to “The Sweetest Meat”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    You tell it so well!

  2. rummuser Says:

    It is a beautiful story and worth repeating. Factually though, mosquitoes draw blood from other animals too.

  3. magpie11 Says:

    G Thank you! The kids enjoyed it the other day too.

    R Yes, I know…but the fact remains that we do have the sweetest meat!

  4. Brighid Says:

    Well told. I’ll be telling this one to the Grands.

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