I cannot “get my head around it”

I love my native language. I love it’s flexibility. I love the way that, unlike French, it is not too proud to use words from other languages,

However I cannot “get my head around” a particular phase.

I can see why some people might misuse effect when they mean affect and several other common errors of misuse but I just do not understand the term:

Post modern….

I know that for “media types” it is full of meaning as it is for the art world but it infuriates me ……

I just can’t “get my head round it!”

What do you think? Do you have pet language hates and frustrations?


9 Responses to “I cannot “get my head around it””

  1. Grannymar Says:

    ‘The foreseeable future’, gets me. Nobody can see the future, some people don’t even see the present when they are living in it!

  2. Magpie11 Says:

    Oh yes….hopefully the first of many such.

  3. rummuser Says:

    Foot overbridge. You can not possibly have a foot underbridge.

    ‘Going to come’ or ‘going to go’ can drive me nuts too.

  4. Magpie11 Says:

    Reminds me of a Norfolk idiom: “He’ve been and gone and done it.”

    Memorably recorded by my mother when expecting someone and a neighbour said, ” You mean he’ve been an’ gorn an’ never come?”

  5. Annb Says:

    Going forward – that really gets me. All the politicians and corporate wafflers are using it. What’s wrong with the good old fashioned future?

  6. rummuser Says:

    I read this just today. It is from a great Marketeer Guru and what have you. “One of the great skills a marketer can develop is his or her ability to think on their feet and dynamically respond to what they see going on during their marketing campaign. “

  7. magpie11 Says:

    Hi Ann

    I hate the Tautology…”return back” was one I heard today…..

    What have I? many things…what do you need? …Oh I see…Just one skill there then?

    I have to admit that, since it was recognised that I do it. I do have a penchant for “thinking outside the box”!

    I once told a head teacher that I’d rather not stick to plans as I am so good at “teaching by the seat of my pants”…..with a nod towards aeronautical pioneers and Lancaster Pilots of WWII!

  8. Brighid Says:

    Oh I have one that drives me up the wall. “These Ones”
    Before I was given unrequested early retirement, the fellows at work would all duck if they heard someone use that expression around me. Funny though they quite using it, and warned others that it wasn’t the thing to do. So I quess I was successful in a small way.

  9. magpie11 Says:

    I can understand that……. I must admit that I nearly replied with a list headed…What about These Ones? but then thought better of it!

    I have an odd sense of humour.

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