Flavours that go… but shouldn’t.

New potatoes and Mint….I love both flavours but it is a complete puzzle to me how any one could cover the unique tastes of new potatoes with even the mildest of mints. The same goes for garden peas with mint….fresh peas, well any peas, are full of wonderful flavour and it is a shame to hide this with any herb.

I remember offering my mother a “Rum and Black” (not a drink I have eveer tried myself) and being regaled, ” Ilove the taste of Rum, I love the taste of blackcurrant. Why would anyone want to destroy either flavour by mixing it with the other?”

Another no-no for me is Lager and lime…well, some modern “lagers” need lime to give them something but the best, such as Buweiser Budvar, Oranjeboom, and some others, need nothing to help them. And if you add blackcurrant to them you should be (metaphorically) SHOT at dawn.

One combination that I do love is Ginger beer and Mild (dark) in a Shandy… and some sweetish ciders go well with a stout….

Have you any No-Nos or even Yes-Yeses to share?


4 Responses to “Flavours that go… but shouldn’t.”

  1. rummuser Says:

    Rotis and South Indian dishes like Sambar poriyal etc, or the other way around, Rice with North Indian curries!

  2. Magpie11 Says:

    But All Indians eat rice!;-) Chuckle! I like to learn about authentic cuisine from anywhere…….. are roti what are also called chappati? The dad of one of my first pupils made a flattish griddle for the school to make chappati..he did it at his work in an engineering factory in Smethwick…. his wife came and demonstrated to us!

  3. rummuser Says:

    Yes, all Indians do eat rice. It is now a hotchpotch really with borders blurring for food. The south Indians by and large ate rice as the main staple whereas the north ate chappattis. Now both eat both. Rotis are not only made on flat gridles, they are also baked in clay ovens called the tandoor with which you are surely familiar.

  4. Nick Says:

    I’ve always been one for not adding condiments because I want to appreciate the natural taste of the food. I hardly ever add sauces or dressings. As for people who smother everything with ketchup….

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