Looking for Sunshine

Saturday, and I was fed up with the decorating. On top, my sister had asked if I could pop into town with a Voucher from a newspaper and get her a FREE Pashmina! Well it would nly cost me the price of the paper and the postage as I have my Freedom Pass.

Off we set and obtained the Pashmina…thinks: An interesting example of the evolution of language ….

What to do next?Other ideas having been discarded we wandered over to Spitalfields Market…deserted so back to Bishopsgate and a stroll past the Nat West Tower


There was a chill in the February air and so I suggested we look for some sunshine. There was a patch, over there on the other side of the road. Off we set and warmed ourselves and looked around.

Thus we proceeded round the city streets, from sunshine patch to sunshine patch. As we discovered new things an idea dawned upon me for a post..so here we are:

We found the Royal Exchange and, in the absence of my digital camera, out came Lady Magpie’s (Panasonic Lumix complete with Leica lens)….

Invasion of the Golden Grasshoppers foiled?

Invasion of the Golden Grasshoppers foiled?

Atop the top most cupola of the Royal Exchange we saw a Golden Grasshopper…swinging in the gentle wind. And round the corner an emporium whose roots go back to the 1870’s…and whose Blenheim Bouquet was the favourite gentleman’s perfume of some chap called Sir Winston Churchill..and a chap called Zeferelli apparently liked Hammam Bouquet and so he helped Sheila Pickles rescue the business from disaster;


Look carefully and you will see Lady Magpie herself..caught in the act of photographing the store!

Look carefully and you will see Lady Magpie herself..caught in the act of photographing the store!

On we went along Cornhill towards the Bank of England


And a statue of an interesting man whose invention of an excavation shield made possible the building of the underground railway system in London


To be Cont’d                                                                                                                                                                                                    Pictures copyright JEM


4 Responses to “Looking for Sunshine”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    Nice photos.

    More homework coming your way… how to embiggen the pictures when embedding. 😉

  2. rummuser Says:

    If I could do what you have done with your post here, insert such lovely photographs, my PR will move over to four! Congratulations.

  3. magpie11 Says:

    Thank you both….Hold fire on the embiggening please…I had huge problems with pics disappearing and not going where they were supposed to!!! Hence the “t b c”

  4. hdruktenis Says:

    LOL embiggen. great word. but yes, go forth and embiggen.

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