Good Cooking…

Aged 16 I worked in the kitchen of The George Hotel, Battle, Sussex, England as a holiday job.

Head Chef was Jerry and his deputy was Spencer. I learned a lot from both of them….

One lesson came when we had a spare minute or two before service one day:

I looked at Jerry and asked a simple question. You know the sort? One of those that can stump a lesser mortal.

“Jerry,” I asked, ” What’s the difference between cooking and Good Cooking?”

Jerry looked up from his cup of coffee, thought for a while, looked across at Spencer, smiled and uttered the never to be forgotten wisdom,

“Put it like this,” he said,” any bugger can boil an egg but only a Good Cook can boil an egg with a piece of parsley sticking out of the top!”

“That’s right,” muttered Spencer, ” only a Good Cook.”


5 Responses to “Good Cooking…”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    I’ll have mine soft boiled for brekkie please with unbuttered toast! 😀

  2. rummuser Says:

    No wonder you decided to become a teacher!

    I love to cook. I got into it by just meeting some of the greatest cooks in the world during my travels and by complimenting them and requesting for recipes and secrets.

    It was a hobby till I had to become a house husband. I still love to cook. I am told that I even look like one!

  3. magpie11 Says:

    Have you tried any of GM’s recipes?

    I didn’t decide to become a teacher…it sort of happened! Not enough A level passes to get to University….her name was …no better keep it a secret…so, I worked in an Industrial Lab and then applied to Teacher Training College purely because it was always expected that I would go into higher education…… Interesting thing is I learned nothing at College about teaching really…all that came on the job…as Roger Ascham said, “Teaching is learning.”

  4. rummuser Says:

    Magpie, welcome to the club. I did my MBA and secured a prestigious position. Not once was I able to use any thing that I learnt at the institute of management. In fact, I had to unlearn a great deal. The old veterans who had been running the company, taught me all that enabled me to succeed.

    Ah, a dash of mystery there too! Not bad for a school teacher!

  5. magpie11 Says:

    What mystery? 😉

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