Three at a Time

Things seem to happen three at a time round here:

Three neighbours or friends moving house soon…….one to France..which I think is going a bit far just to get away from me.

We have had three lots of workers in….carpenter, electrician and plasterers…..

I have agreed to cut down some trees…three of them.

Then there are The Three Stooges, Three Sisters (mountains), The Three Graces, Three Wise Monkeys( I have seen a fourth…he sits with his hands in his lap), Three Sheets to the Wind and The Rule of Three

And these now these Three New Ventures…

my Blog is number one…. delivering training to a group of teachers at the request of a Professor of Education…and last, but not least, I’ve been asked to help rescue a school that is in “special measures”….all new ventures for me…

What puzzles me is: Why Three?


5 Responses to “Three at a Time”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    Back in my childhood home it was ‘hear of one death and you will hear of three’, and bad luck came in three’s.

    I never hang around long enough to find out if it is true!

  2. Steph Says:

    There’s probably three magpies in your garden too!

    Any weddings planned? 😉

    You might like to start thinking about categorizing and tagging your posts? At the moment your posts all appear as ‘uncategorized’ (see bottom of post). Have a look in your dashboard (under posts) and it’s fairly self-explanatory. Good luck!

  3. magpie11 Says:


    Oh Yes! Trouble always come in threes…I forgot that!


    Nooo….no far as I know. The last one took us to America.

    As for categorizing…I had thought about it…that’s as far as I got…as I haven’t got my head around it yet!

  4. Nick Says:

    Rescuing a school in special measures? That sounds very interesting, though probably pretty tough as well. But you probably wouldn’t want to blog much about it for fear of embarrassing too many people (or yourself of course).

    Good luck with the carpenter etc. Just keep a close eye on them to make sure they’re doing what you want and not what they want!

  5. magpie11 Says:

    Hello Nick

    I did say help….. They have a new head and some funding . I have been asked to work with the Year 6 teacher to try and boost the dreaded Sats (my spell checker suggests Rats and Tats BTW) results. We’re on a hiding to nothing really…but maybe we can give the children a sense of the love of learning which will help them in the future. Figures…28 children in the class and only one native English Speaker ….. but they all know me already and I know them.

    As for the carpenter…if he’s as good as his friend the electrician then no problems….

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