My second “bash”.

Here goes with my second bash at a post. After all those kind comments and encouragement I can’t think of giving up.

What to write about? I went to some of your blogs and they gave me ideas. Wales are beating up the Scots at Rugby Union in the Six Nations and that gave me ideas….well done Ireland BTW…I apparently missed a good game whilst writing my first post. I’ll have to watch it on BBC iPlayer.

Then I remembered the Spooky Hand so I thought I’d have a go at uploading a picture:

Spooky Hand Print

Oh! That was easy….:-)): The Spooky Hand Print appeared last Monday on the brick  gate pier outside our house…look closely and you’ll see why I took a snap!

Thinks…’Shall I have another go?’  Why not? I’m flushed with success.

Mystery Monk:

Mystery Monk!

At the same time that the Hand appeared this fellow was seen praying on our door mat! And he’s still there!

What is going on? Should I alert the local Press?

Oh! I did it..two pictures.


11 Responses to “My second “bash”.”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    Two pictures – wonderful.

    You are a natural!

  2. magpie11 Says:

    Natural what?

    That hand has freaked out a few people!

  3. raptureponies Says:

    The hand has freaked me out a teensy bit! 😀

  4. Grannymar Says:

    A new Header!

    I like your eyes!

  5. magpie11 Says:

    Oh Sorry…..I’d love to know who has six fingers round where we live.

    I had a girlfriend once who had webbed toes! ;-0

  6. Paddy Bloggit Says:

    webbed toes eh?

  7. magpie11 Says:

    Yes….the funny thing is that I don’t recall how good a swimmer she was.

    I hope she doesn’t read this…..

  8. stwidgie Says:

    Love the photos! Just the right level of eerieness.

  9. Steph Says:


    You’re hooked! With all the progress I see around here, I can tell you’re having fun.

    While it would probably mean starting again, you might like to consider calling your blog simply ‘Magpie’s Nest’. Why? It would match your user name and make it easier to find you alphabetically under ‘magpie’ rather than ‘from’. I always regretted not leaving out the ‘The’ in my blog title.

    Ignore this if you’re happy. You’re doing brill 😀

  10. magpie11 Says:

    Thank you Steph. GM has given me some home work!

    If you look up Magpies Nest in “your favourite search engine” you’ll find lots of references….a Folk Club, a football supporters club…so I thought I’d use this Moniker. Back when I was involved in the world of Folk Dance and Music I used the title Ten For The Dance…which refers to a magpie rhyme.

    I’ll cogitate on what you suggest!

  11. magpie11 Says:

    Who or where is Stwidgie as I cannot get a response?

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