Hello world!

Having been nagged by a certain person to Blog that is just what I intend to do.

I’ll stick with the title kindly suggested by these people at WordPress and say, “Hello World!”

Here goes.

Who am I and why “The Magpie’s Nest”?

I am a retired teacher living in Greater London, England. The England is important because, living in The United Kingdom, it has long seemed un acceptable to celebrate being English, in contrast to the other nations that make up our population. I love the diversity exhibited by the people who inhabit all parts of these Islands and find it strange that the English are often expected, by the English in particular, to hang their heads.

More of that at later times.

As a child I remember my mother saying, “I must have been frightened by a Magpie whilst I was carrying you.”

I had been discovered adding to my hoard of bits and pieces collected from round about. at the time we lived near Blean in Kent (I suppose that I should insert a photograph from those days here but I have yet to acquire  that skill).

Well, since those days I have hoarded a great deal, just like a Magpie. Most of my acquisitions are held in my mind, The Magpie’s Nest of the title.

If you have ever seen a magpie’s nest you will have seen that it appears to be a jumble of twigs in the branches of a tree or bush. In spite of it’s looks it just a bit more than that.

The Magpie had been  shown by God how to build a nest in which to lay its eggs and rear its young away from the rain and storms, away from the heat of the sun and away from prying eyes. The nest had a roof before men had ever thought of building houses with roofs.

When they saw the magnificent construction, for indeed it was magnificent being as how it was the only nest ever built on Earth, the other birds begged the magpie to show them how to build a nest.

So this the magpie proceeded to do. She showed them how to gather twigs and mud and grass and weave them into a bowl and the birds were really grateful and off they flew to build their nests.

Well, if you have ever taught a group of people how to do something you will know that very often they will dash off and get on with doing things for themselves, except the lazy ones who will get someone else to do it for them. In doing things for themselves the chances are that they will forget some of what you have taught, especially if they have been chattering  or day dreaming whilst you tell or show them. This is exactly what the birds did.

So that to tis day every bird builds its nest in a different way.

And, because they couldn’t wait for the magpie to finish teaching them, none of them learned how to put a roof on their nests.

To tis day the magpie is the only bird that builds a nest with a roof.

I heard this story ( or one very like it) too long ago to rememeber…and even then I thought I noticed some thing wrong with it. I had seen Jenny Wren’s nest and The nest of the Long Tailed Tit and was sure that they had roofs but they actually don’t…not roofs added over the top of the cup of the nest.

If you read this and have any tips on how I can learn more about blogging…please let me know.



29 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    Welcome to the world of Blogging. I knew you could do it!


  2. Whoopsadaisy Says:

    This looks interesting! I’m looking forward to reading some more, good luck with the blog 🙂

  3. Darragh Says:

    You know that certain person who nagged you to blog? Well, they suggested I come and say hello.

    So, hello 🙂

    If you have ever seen a magpie’s nest you will have seen that it appears to be a jumble of twigs in the branches of a tree or bush. In spite of it’s looks it just a bit more than that.

    The thing about magpies, despite all their “faults” is that they have personality. That’s the best thing about blogs for me – they are the places that people can bring out their personalities, show their shiny finds and caw loudly about what they love and to announce that they’re here, they’re willing to talk and they’d like you to salute them.

    And so, I salute you. Welcome to blogging. I look forward to hearing your stories, sharing your laughter, reading your thoughts and seeing how the nest goes from a few haphazard twigs to a three bed, two bath condo with room for a pony 😉

    Have fun!

  4. magpie11 Says:

    Thank you all….

    GM…okay it seems you were right…and I’ll be taking a few clues from you ..thanks

    Darragh..Hello..I have a sneaking respect for magpies and rats…I know many people dislike them both but I admire their adaptability…and after all they only do what come s naturally…they survive.

    Never did take to riding, myself.

    Woopsadaisy…I like that handle BTW…Tanks for popping by..and for your good wishes. I hope I don’t let you down.

  5. Paul P Says:

    you are doing super on your own and the first time out was a “magpie nest” of a masterpiece. I salute you, my friend.
    Keep it up and I will learn more about you.
    Mr. P

  6. Steph Says:

    Wow! A blogging Magpie!

    HELLO Magpie and WELCOME to the party 😀

    You asked for tips on blogging? Here’s a couple for what they’re worth…

    I recommend that you spend time exploring your ‘dashboard’. By working your way down the list on the left hand side, you’ll learn lots about what a WordPress blog can offer you e.g. you have the option to hide related links ‘possibly related posts’ showing at the end of each blog post… Click on ‘Appearance’ then Extras and click on relevant box.

    As Grannymar will tell you, commenters are the lifeblood of a blog. One of the best ways to attract readers to your blog is to go visit other blogs and leave comments on posts that you’ve enjoyed. They will in turn visit your blog to find out more about you and if they enjoy what they find, you’ll find they become regular visitors and commenters.

    Have fun and enjoy the ride!

  7. Marian Says:

    Best of luck with the blog Magpie11. I’ll definitely be back for more. Great first post by the way. 🙂

  8. Tommy Says:

    Looks good Magpie, g’luck with the blog! 🙂

  9. Nick Says:

    I think the great thing about blogging, apart from bringing out your personality as Darren says, is all the interesting and witty comments you get from readers. I’ve learnt an awful lot from my readers on an amazing range of subjects.

  10. Nick Says:

    Oops, that was meant to be Darragh! Sorry, Darragh.

  11. magpie11 Says:

    Oh err! I’m getting nervous now…

    Thanks for everyone’s encouragement.

    Now, I wonder how I can be controversial?

  12. yukonchatterbug Says:

    Welcome to the bloggosphere Magpie! Looking forward to more posts.

  13. magpie11 Says:

    From The Yukon? I don’t believe it….I’ve been to NWT and Alberta but not Yukon!

    Thanks for dropping by…

  14. Nancy Says:

    Hello Magpie,

    I really enjoyed your first post. You did very well telling us all about the magpie and the wonderful nests they make.

    Are you buried in snow in England today? As a former school teacher you may enjoy this story.

    My grandson, Andrew, lives in Chicago. The other day it began snowing(as usual) about 3 A.M. and by 6 A.M. it was fairly deep.
    Andrew Emailed the Superintendent of Schools asking if there would be school that day.

    The S of S Emailed back and said.” Let me explain to you, Andrew, how I determine whether or not there will be school on a snow day. I open my back door and if the dog won’t go out, there is no school. I’ll get back to you.”

    Sure enough, in a half hour, the S of S emailed my Grandson and said,” The dog wouldn’t go out ,Andrew, so go back to bed, See you tomorrow.”

    Good luck with your blogging. I’ll be reading you…….

  15. Grannymar Says:

    I knew you could do it!

    Enjoy the party.

  16. Baino Says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere Magpie. Our Maggies don’t build nests with roofs then they’re big buggers. They do collect ‘blue’ things tho! And they dive bomb in spring! Allways tip your cap to a single magpie! And you’re very fortunate to have been around for a while. Took me months before anyone commented on my blog . . now I can’t shut ’em up!

  17. Paddy Bloggit Says:


    Welcome Magpie! 😀

  18. rummuser Says:

    Magpie11, I come here via Grannymar’s pointer. Thank God that she decided to let me loose on you. I am a retired hippy and look forward to visiting your blog regularly and commenting.

    I like your chutzpah! Having written a fantastic first post, you ask us perpetual students, to advise you, a retired teacher to advise you on blogging!

    For what it is worth, let me share one tip that helped me launch my blogging career. Visit a lot of other blogs and comment. You will get a great deal of inspiration and ideas. Some of them may even return the compliment!

  19. magpie11 Says:


    No snow here at the moment…. I like the story…and I like the S of S without meeting him/her…. I hope s/he can fill Chicago schools with teachers of equal caliber (calibre)…

    Back in ’07 our eldest son got married in Donaldson, Illinois. We stayed in Valparaiso and then had a week in Chicago before setting off for San Antonio and then Red Deer, Alberta. Our first holiday ever really!

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Rummuser…as we Norfolk dumplings say…Tha’s a rumman ‘bor…

    Roger Ascham said “Teaching is learning”!

  20. Paul P Says:

    San Antonio awaits your return, dear Magpie.

  21. magpie11 Says:

    How about you coming to London and the B.I.?

    I should point out to others that Paul is my (erstwhile) B-in-L!

  22. Paul P Says:

    que es B.I.?
    My young bride is planning a trip in the spring (I am not invited). Actually, she is going to visit Kevin our son. She is so excited because she finally got a passport.

  23. magpie11 Says:

    B.I. son las Islas Britanicas ….pardon, can’t find the accent…..

    (excuse us folks…Paul is Spanish speaking…and I used Babel Fish)

    Shame on you….you should insist on accompanying your young bride to foreign parts like this!

    GM See, I’m not the only on e who knows a Young Lady when he sees one!

  24. Grannymar Says:

    I’m listening! 😉

  25. Tristan Mills Says:

    Aha! Found you… 😉

  26. magpie11 Says:

    Hello my son!

  27. Paul P Says:

    Happy Valentines Day to you and Janet.

  28. Paul P Says:

    We don’t have magpies (that I know of, in Texas). We do, however, have a most beautiful bird – the roadrunner. By its Spanish name, Chachalaca, it is more beautiful.
    It is brown, grayish to blend in with its desert surroundings. It gets its name from its long legs which come in handy, especially since it doesn’t fly very well. It lays its eggs on the ground or in holes in cacti. Its favorite adversary is the rattlesnake which loves to feast on its eggs.

  29. magpie11 Says:

    I thought it was some crazy fool of a Coyote….

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